GCN SpotLight Vid-Chemtrails-Their Secret Agenda

Another great vid from the best film maker on YT.. Please subscribe to his channel www.youtube.com Its pretty apparent that their is something going on up in the skies over us and its not good..Is it a Bio attack with a with secret agenda–well you decide Chemtrails military planes biowarfare air force black ops ron paul barack obama peter schiffjudge napolitano Freedom Watch Max Keiser Gerald Celente Jim Rogers wall st street Federal Reserve alex jones dollar goldman sachs obama Tim Geithner glenn beck henry paulson 9/11 inside job msnbc jp morgan chase tarp

23 thoughts on “GCN SpotLight Vid-Chemtrails-Their Secret Agenda

  1. Robin18us

    IF it was testing, then why is it still going? on after over 15 years of daily spraying? It’s actually a eugenics program…a soft kill

  2. PatrioticFlame1776

    This is definitely no normal. I am completely convinced that this is Top Secret. Don’t you think somebody should know what these? planes are and what they are doing spraying a material in the sky?

  3. wingnut4427

    yes !! that too !! DEBT IS GOOD !!! It keeps the sham economy afloat! Stay in debt !!!? Freedom is grossly over rated !

  4. wingnut4427

    Pay no attention to this. Go back to your football games & American Idol. Go out to McDonald’s & buy a big mac then go shopping. Remember !! Ignorance is bliss. You don’t want to learn too much that will make you think. Thinking is hard! Leave it to your government. Go back to sleep &? ignore the people who are trying to warn you. See how stressed out they look. That’s because they think too much. Don’t be like that. Shop. Consume, Watch tv. go back to sleep.

  5. lookingforthemeaning

    Wakey wakey:-)
    yes they have always been around.
    they also mess with the weather.
    as happend in England where a town was destroyed by a one off storm and rainfall. the same is happening in germany , neverseen before sporadic torados .and some days the sky is? exactly the same as seen here.

  6. mythoughtsalone

    The UK Government allowed the same thing to happen in the UK over 9 years…
    Can we trust our Governments? Answer NO. They are not for the people, they are for them? selves bought and paid fo by the Elite. All Governments are courupt, brought for money. The are slowly killing us, taxing us,controlling us. Has been going on many hundreds of years,

  7. dogsandkennels

    Very informative video about the chemtrails,even if filmquality is poor.Worth watching,be horrified..it seems to? be getting worse.Thanks for posting.

  8. chaosmucker

    Every saturday where I live the? sky looks like a checker board also on other days but saturday is the worst.

  9. ezeeskank

    ebendimention u sound like a kook,or someone spreading disinfo.people focus on the tangible not crackpot theories.?

  10. ezeeskank

    agreed get the word out to as many peeps as possible show them the behavioral difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.I find that? works alot.

  11. argentummolonlabe

    Educate others of the “Global Conspiracy”. They are manipulating our governments, education, economy, relegion, media, and science. When a? mojority of people know and understand, “they” will lose their power. Give out books “Creature from Jekyll Island”, “The Naked Capatilist”. Spread the Word!

  12. matsutakneatche

    i collected plast like gooey balls from the chemtrails in my? town, what do i do? lol. Sick sick sick fucks!

  13. ebendimention

    Great Vid. Some of those craft are ‘free energy’ craft. The ‘chemtrail’ agenda is far beyond what most people think. Ive got footage of those Jets being J-ETs. (Dan Burisch’s J-Rods?) All heading to the Sun. If they have the technology for blue-beam and such, dont you think they have cloaking tech? Those ‘winged angels in the Egyptian heiroglyphs are the same today via stargate technology.? Do you see the connection? My next vid will put an end to this question.

    Thanks for a great upload


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