GeoEngineering Chemtrail Debate on DemocracyNOW (1 of 2)

Supporters of geoengineering (or Chemtrails) have proposed radical ways to alter the planet to coverup the warming from greenhouse gas emissions by deflectin…

15 thoughts on “GeoEngineering Chemtrail Debate on DemocracyNOW (1 of 2)

  1. LINNLchan7BAND

    Will not further particles in the atmosphere, actually have the OPPOSITE
    EFFECT? That is cause heat to be trapped underneath, and the surface of the
    particle ‘shield,’ will also heat up, like a pot around the water? Why
    wasn’t this debated, publically BEFORE? Is it all one big sci-eng fraud
    project to get tax dollars, at everyone else’s expense, even the health?
    Will aluminum help the soil? I find this whole video, very frightening, not
    so much the alleged challenges, but the politicians!

  2. swallertheredpill

    right on, vandana! we must have sunshine for photosynthesis, & chemtrials
    are laying thick clouds daily that keep the sun from reaching our earth &
    our gardens. we’ve had less than 10 sunny days all summers so far. last
    week the temp stayed at 48 degrees. the cabbages aren’t heading, everything
    is smaller, & the constant rain & overcast is increasing the pest problem.
    global warming is a lie. CO2, our exhaled breath, is what the plants
    breathe in. it is essential to life on earth.

  3. malootooth

    Is this guy for real? When I can’t see a blue sky during the day or stars
    at night, I become a robot. I don’t want anyone controlling my weather or
    my emails. I must be going crazy because the other day when they were
    spraying I put vinegar out. Anything is worth a try, when you know it is

  4. IwontConform

    If they dont stop this,i`m going to kill myself.I will not stay around and
    watch the planet systematically destroyed

  5. kenjams

    Good point about the surface area. Their attempts to cool the planet by
    spraying aerosols is insane and bound to fail. What’s worse is they may
    have done incalculable damage to bio-systems already with the injection of
    millions of tons of Aluminum and Barium metals. Trees and animals are dying.

  6. blade9z

    Quite obviously their geoengineering assumptions failed as the earth is
    continued to warm up. I do recommend a BBC documentary called “Global
    dimming” which explain why less sun light is getting through. Chemtrails
    supporter always play down the role of air pollutions generated by human.
    One very important point that they never consider is that 70% of the earth
    surface is covered in oceans. In order to block sun lights, they need to
    spay on at least half of that area too.

  7. MoxiSnipes

    you’re just another delusional christian. get off your ass and do something
    about this. I wouldn’t sit around watching people slowly die from sick
    minded fucks. I’d do the exact same thing as conform.


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