Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack – Alex Jones Monday Edition 6/6

On the Monday, November 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the open bank and scientific dictatorship now coalescing in Europe as Goldman Sachs takes control of both Italy and the European Central Bank. The objective of the coup is to exploit the euro debt crisis as a vehicle through which to create a European federal superstate. Alex also talks about the fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs conducted by US government agencies and universities. Alex also covers the latest breaking news and takes your calls. [The greatest public health threat can no longer be denied] Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones Monday, November 14, 2011 The fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by US government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied. The re-classification of global warming, a highly contentious and often scientifically fraudulent pseudo-science, as a “national security threat” has been exploited by governments as an excuse to play God, green lighting secret experiments on a massive scale that carry innumerable dangers to humans and their environment. However, now that increasing awareness of geoengineering as a result of the

25 thoughts on “Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack – Alex Jones Monday Edition 6/6

  1. chibears26

    @TheSecrecyOfSolitude yeah, and whats scary is one of albert einsteins more famous quotes is “should the bee population become extinct humanity would shortly follow the same fate.”

  2. TheSecrecyOfSolitude

    @chibears26 Same here, and it’s not just bees. I hardly see any insects anymore. I remember when there used to be bugs everywhere.


    @manaloko-I agree with you 100% but here is another “fun” fact about why we invaded Iraq. Remember we invaded Iraq based on the IEA, saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. AND OF COURSE WE NEVER FOUND A DAM THING. And that is the same agency that is telling us that Iran has weapons or the capability of making weapons of mass destruction. (WMD), ahhhhh, don’t those three letters make you feel all warm and nostalgic inside…..These agencies are FULL OF SH*T!!! VOTE RON PAUL-2012!!!

  4. ManicHispanic24

    they know global warming is a scam so they are dumping these chemicals to create some warming so they have some facts to point too plus they get the added monsanto gmo monopoly. either that or they are some how trying to fix something they arent telling us. cancer is exploding maybe the ozone is a lot worse now then they say. we havent heard about the ozone hole in a while atleast i havent. those r some of my theories.

  5. 321haloplayer

    well- considering everyone wants to bust AJ’s chops for saying “dioxide” instead of “oxide”- if you serach it- it still comes up the same crap- is he not allowed to be human?? i dont see the 6 o clock news broadcasting on this crap- if you think you can do a better job- make your OWN vids-

  6. KillBaddBugz

    Aren’t these chemtrails also gonna serve to further the global warming scam by trapping the heat in our lower atmosphere? We need UV rays to make vit. D.

  7. realityshowtime

    This is the same godless mindset who dumped mega tons of synthetic “man-lab made” microbes into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, w negative life-altering consequences. INSANE!!! MADNESS!!! CRAZY!!! SICK!!! HELL!!!
    It is well known that SYNTHETIC hormones given to women to stop “natural” menopause caused women “the grandmothers of today” CANCER!!!

    God help us!!!

  8. Kristopful

    These people are insane meglomaniacs. We do not understand how the weather works and cannot predict it, so how can we change it without unforseen caotic consequences.? Thats ignoring the high probability there is a very sinister agenda behind all this “weather moding”.

  9. WhiteLion8403

    chemtrails – national security
    atf gunrunning – national security
    peodophile rings – national security
    iran-contra – national security

    notice the pattern ,everytime you hear national security theirs a 99% chance that they are guilty and its time for the cover-up , here comes the ace National Security

  10. Collier2004

    @jdocks777 Hey, I’m not the one who keeps claiming it’s aluminium dioxide. Ask Alex what aluminium dioxide is. It doesn’t exist! So either he means aluminium oxide or he means sulphur dioxide. He could at least get his facts right since he’s been studying this for 17 years

  11. bfudge85

    Where the hell was global warming before all the plans were made? Oh wait I forgot . Global warming never exists and never will.

  12. bullsnutsoz

    Thanks Alex ; we know its ruff ; listen ol matey it doesnt just fall on you we all fight as well you see .

  13. BluesdesJours

    it’s very cold, simple. like nature. if you have no instincts left. the slow and the sick are food for the fast and ruthless. cold…simple. big fish eat the little ones. no pity party. if you do not WAKE UP…you won’t survive. evan if you do, there is a gargantuan job undoing the damage to both the planet and the inhabitants.

  14. BluesdesJours

    it’s been sweet, brief….decades passed like seconds for me, centuries, eons for life on earth. things are moving far too fast for the usual normalcy bias. tomorrow will not be like yesterday. when all our troubles seemed so far away. (sorry paul)

  15. LeLoupDriveIn

    I hope they stop spraying that bad chemtrail crap soon & switch to scattering angelfood cake mix, cos that’d be awesome & the world can use more angelic snack foods just in time for Christmas–I mean Kwanzaa–sorry I get those two confused

  16. gottagoat

    Go on google earth and measure the poles then backdate it to the 30s, the poles are both bigger, not melting, global warming is a lie!!!!!!!


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