Geoengineering/Chemtrail Complaint Presented to Alachua County Committee, Harold Saive Bob Tuskin

READ! Lab Tests Confirm High Levels of Aluminum Falling From Skies Over Alachua County Florida In February, 2011, the Alachua County’s Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) heard citizens’ complaints concerning a visible Geoengineering operation involving high altitude jet aircraft dumping aluminum and other compounds into the atmosphere. Thanks to suggestions from EPAC’s chairman, Bob Palmer and his committee a series of six (6) rainwater samples were submitted for lab analysis to confirm abnormally high levels of Aluminum in rainwater collected in Gainesville/ Alachua County Florida. The Alachua County delegates of the “Coalition Against Geoenginnering” include Bob Tuskin, Eduardo Reyes, and Harold Saive. Video made by Harold Saive Check Out GainesvilleNews On YouTube: Last part of the video is a sped up version of Bob Tuskin talking.

25 thoughts on “Geoengineering/Chemtrail Complaint Presented to Alachua County Committee, Harold Saive Bob Tuskin

  1. urwhat

    When the heat wave was going on for what 2 weeks ? There were NO chemtrails . I drive truck and for days it was frick’n HOT ! AND NO CHEMTRAILS ?

  2. azdebi

    I’m going to ask a “stupid” question here and maybe someone can/will answer it for me…From where do these people get their authority to spray over this nation? Also, on another front, we (the residents) of Arizona are being sued by “several” foreign countries (due to our passage of SP1070 law)…has this country lost its’ sovereignty and I just don’t know about it? My guess is that all this crap is through the UN…correct? I’ve had enough…time to stand up NOW!

  3. cbemerine

    To fight back, local governments and WE THE PEOPLE will need the Governor, National Guard and County Sheriff behind them. To make arrests of gov officials, illegal warrants, illegal activities.

    Legally this document can be used to push back on those that care more for experiments than life… is (dot) gd /PNyxVr Page 287 see Prohibited Activities. Also EPA has a mandate to investigate when Aluminum reaches 1,000 ppm; tests are showing levels between 50,000 ~ 380,000 ppm.

  4. cbemerine

    @LivingHistorySchool Why would politicians borrow financially against our children and our grandchildren’s future ability to make a living, yet they do it, just witness the debt debates. Something tells me you already understand this… Too much proof for anyone to doubt the truth behing chemtrails, the increase in aluminum related brain disorders. As the EXPERT in this video said, this is not conjecture, this is measurable fact. Air, Water and Soil samples prove beyond doubt!

  5. cbemerine

    @programedmind no fears the word is going out…already up to 90 veiws…expect thousands by the end of the week!

    The only people who do NOT see and understand chemtrails are those that do NOT want to see. Either they are directly or indirectly connected and benefiting financially from the chemtrail spraying. Obviously a 40% or more decrease in crop production combined with a 50,000 ppm increase in Aluminum and other man made heavy metals will impact the brains of those living under this.

  6. Bozasonic

    Can I ask…Why is it anything to do with chem-trails attracts people who appose the concept so vigorously? I’m only asking because they seem to be on all chem-trail posts. whats the story if I see something I don’t believe or know not to be true I wouldn’t go out of my way to try and convince them otherwise WHY BOTHER IF ITS NOT TRUE, ITS NOT LIKE THERE GOING TO FIND SOMETHING IF NOTHINGS THERE its everyone right to beleive what they want to believe isn’t it? don’t see the point myself.goodluck

  7. Bozasonic

    @TheThorazineShuffle as I said no expert there as for over here Ireland there’s really no problem in growing crops but then we manage are land without excessive over use good farm management certain crops will fertilize the land for the next year, never the same crop planted in following year good rotation then pasture land then back to crops just the way we did it, finding it hard to make 70% yield of years prier and lowering every year due to lack of sun, probably other aspects too…thanks

  8. TheThorazineShuffle


    @Bozasonic – actually- that is not true- farmers have always had difficulty in getting decent yields in high alkaline soil…hence the need for a alum resistant seed…

    It has been a goal of farmers, seed producers etc…to develop an aluminum resistant seed LONG before the “chemtrail” theory…

  9. hypnofan35

    We generally don’t believe that there are fusion reactors other than the Sun and H Bombs, however there is a zero gravity zone halfway between the inside and outside surfaces that might be or likely possible for a fusion reaction to live. and power innerworld. There is a large landform on Mars that could be the power for that planet’s inner world.. Obviously i haven’t seen the results What are super volcanoes? Natural or fabricated as fusion reactors. Life is older than our mythes say.

  10. hypnofan35

    Since the Earth is actually hollow, it does stuff that can be unexpected. There some civiliation remains beneath the sea, It means it sunk. Was it fast or energetic? Probably. Did someone write it down in stone for preservation in script? Earth move in unexpected ways and sometimes with apocalyptic energy release. That seems how it works for me. It would help if we know what’s happening. Innerworld Geo engineering, Maybe we are fossil fuel miners and burners? Explains the craziness.

  11. hypnofan35

    The Earth is hollow, Everyone on the planet who wears a suit and tie would say “no”, It is a kind of status / common knowledge dynamic. If you wear a suit to work you would never acknowledge anything but the suit party line. It’s being on board for status or forwarding damnation for status or a pay check. That’s where we are at so maybe it’s best if they do take us out speedily. This is slow death now. If you are a seal they might kill you with “an accident” or “enemy attack”. How crazy?

  12. hypnofan35

    It’s an innerworld Geo Engineering project… It should be obvious that there is an innerworld, but is is common knowledge buggered or blocked from view. Another thing that we “don’t seem to give a c**p about is extremely deficient, centralized end user technology for centralizing power. Believing you will own status for ever is a pipe dream. It looks like outerworld people are of little use to the project other than mining and burning fossil fuel.

  13. warty2200

    I don’t think they spray this shit, I think it’s in jet fuel, therefore making it easier to place in the atmosphere and eliminating a visible program involving tanks and nozzles and other systems that would stand out and and expose their program.

  14. TheSovereignFreedom

    THIS IS AN AWWWWWWWESOME VIDEO!!!! This is exactly what we need to see x 1000 all over America. My hat is TOTALLY off to the group that went in and got that meeting to happen, as well as the presentation video shown withing this video! 3 CHEERS!!! GREAT JOB!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!

  15. Bozasonic

    @ScoobySnaks1 Do you know we had no problems growing things in the past aluminum crust or not, whats changed the miss management of land due to these same company’s maybe I’m no expert, or could it be the chem-trails being sprayed probably

  16. Bozasonic

    @ScoobySnaks1 led me to believe that the comments that were on your page are true so NO BONUS for you back to work on someone else with you 82 year old school boy error conversation Over

  17. Bozasonic

    @ScoobySnaks1 Why did you delete all your post from your coments, I think I know why well at least 1 good thing came out of the conversation with you, I’ll link up with every user on BarbarianRebellion site to get more info anyone who deletes has something to hide and for the last 3 hours been going threw that site clever but never might fool the peeps who don’t believe but in retrospect it like the site that’s against fluoride that you lot wont believe different worlds mate your actions have

  18. ScoobySnaks1


    do you know that 8% of the earth’s crust is aluminum…and in some places much more? …and that trying to develop an aluminum resistant seed has long been a goal of farmers?

  19. aware2prepare

    As if creating drought (and floods) through weather manipulation isn’t enough, via chemtrails and haarp, now we learn one of the selling points of spraying aluminum into the air; defoliation through f-ing with the soil pH. (Aluminum also passes the blood brain barrier) GMO Seeds that will grow in soil devoid of helpful microbes and lower pH, (offered by our saviors Monsanto and others-HA!) will come to our rescue (those alive after the food riots) for a premium once they sufficiently coat us.

  20. craig265



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