Germ Warfare #1 1931 Chemtrail Plane Plague infected Fleas The history of Biological & Germ Warfare at: http:…

25 thoughts on “Germ Warfare #1 1931 Chemtrail Plane Plague infected Fleas

  1. SovereignBeing

    most wars are just means of testing weapons, that was what invading vietnam
    was all about.. no war, just weapons testing and of course their favourite
    pastime.. .murdering innocents.

  2. greghar2003

    @IExposeMormonism Seems to me those pics being reused in the Clouds Altas
    are part of their brainwashing agenda. Serves to help kids who don’t know
    better think that it’s a common phenomenon of everyday life. Similarly to
    them using chemtrail filled skies in cartoons and movies these days. These
    guys are sick to the bone and can’t wait for this to end.

  3. Randomizera

    This is the brutal reality we haven’t change a bit since the middle ages
    … all it’s the same except we have telephone computers etc.

  4. GoodFightUploads

    Some things never change do they. They sprayed England with Cadmium during
    the 1960’s, which i know killed children. If you watch “Things to come” by
    H. G. Well, from 1937, it shows planes dropping gas bombs onto populations
    in the future, he called them the freemasonry of the air. H. G Well was a
    member of the Fabian society and the RIIA.

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  6. Legionoftruthers

    @daydreams4rock That’s because the trails in the sky you see are persistent
    contrails. They are not sprayed chemicals. The trails you see in the sky
    are the NORMAL result of the water in jet exhaust freezing into ice in the
    -50c temperatures of airliner cruise altitude. Go read

  7. daydreams4rock

    i have been wondering about modern chem trails – anyone got any ideas what
    they are spraying . so why do people debunk these videos . i can see the
    chem trails here over sydney and in my video Feel my love its included –
    but i dont have a clue what they are spraying and why.

  8. greghar2003

    @IExposeMormonism Yep, I’ve heard them doing that with many things these
    days or even removing pics they don’t want anyone to see. Hey, if you want
    to watch a good movie on this I suggest a free torrent by POtHS. It’s
    called POtHS – SIN-ister Secrets – 12 – Dont Talk About the Weather – 2008.
    Just google it and you can download from there or I know the piratebay. com
    has it and they don’t require registration to download. Just an fyi.

  9. julioMaGo100

    American sionist capitals colaborated whit nazis extremes and regresive
    ideologies ET, for the involution or control of the humanity, the world
    human and people is a victime. the war is the hardware and psiquic matrix
    attack a students, in my countrie the chem trails is a visible and realist

  10. skb0rzn

    @BrainChild666 Chemtrails are a major FAIL in the history of man. The
    warning the UN put out was simple, STOP whatever it is you are doing,
    because if anything were to happen that caused us to no longer be able to
    do whatever it is they do, nature will fill the space and change back
    suddenly and dramatically. here ya go /watch?v=XIzOeYA5n5g


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