Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun’s Center

Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun’s Center From Ken Adachi, Editor Jan. 12, 2011 Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun’s Center (Jan. 12, 2011) I received an e-mail tonight from a man named Julian which included a link to two photos he had taken with his cell phone camera on either December 20 or 21 (he can’t remember exactly), at approximately 1:15 pm Eastern standard time in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Julian thought he was just taking photos of the chemtrail being sprayed, but some friends pointed out to him that there seemed to be UFOs seen in the center area of the sun in his photos. After sending me the full sized jpegs of both photos, I enlarged them and ran them through the “solarize” filter using PhotoShop. The solarize filter sometimes allows objects against a white background to stand out better. Sure enough, after solarizing and enlarging the crops in the central region of the sun, a ring of different shaped UFO-type objects appeared in both photos A and B. Some of the objects look round, but others appear cylindrical in shape, and one very large, reddish colored object had something of a “dumbbell” shape. with a round, bulbous expansion at one end and a rectangular shape at the opposite end. After cropping and enlarging these objects, I was amazed at the relative sharpness and clarity of what was captured on photos taken with a tiny cell phone camera. These objects are either relatively close to earth, OR they are really humongous

25 thoughts on “Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun’s Center

  1. jasonwkeller76

    Check out this great book. The Razors Edge book 1 strength In Unity by E.L. Randolph. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. traitorsbeware

    @kemar911 I don’t believe a single thing government shills have to say. I presume that any beings in outer space are like us, good ones and bad ones. Change does come from within. Thanks for the comment.

  3. kemar911

    Don’t let the government fool you into believing that UFO’s are here to save us but only to monitor our existance and our solar system. Change comes from within, not from an external source

  4. CountDollarz

    On many cell phones, although primarily Samsung’s, taking a photograph of the sun will cause the picture to look as if strange objects or ufo’s are in the middle of the sun… this is due to the ccd sensor of teh camera being overloaded the “objects” are nothing more then artifacts or “clipping” due to ccd camera not being capable of handle the intensity of the light. Its not a real image, at any of yours request I can send over multiple examples of this. I do believe but this is not ufo’s.

  5. traitorsbeware

    @str8gds I would love it if we got rid of the dark cabal, but how? Thanks for telling me about the other video.

  6. str8gds

    Yes exactly, they are here all right here’s a video I got a couple of nights ago of a Star ship or Mother ship. It is small but steady as a tripod was used. These spaceships are allegedly many in number and they disguise themselves as stars so they are waiting there to help us out when we get rid of the dark cabal that has been ruling this planet for thousands of years.

  7. dave777blaster

    Wait a minute a cell phone Camera Can’t take pics that can be blown up and show such detail without any fuzz in the pic.

    Oh its a Photoshop

  8. daviddalbylive

    Looks like are Galatic neighbours are wanting to drop in to Earth for some Tea and Crumpets. If they say take me to your leader, say we havent got any there all puppets who could lead a group of toy soldiers. Anyway more Tea … Alien, so nice you could drop in 😉

  9. 019208237

    @Feathery0 annunaki ships? who told you this? dont tell me the compulsive lair colleen Thomas? i’m sorry but that woman is NOT to be trusted my friend. i asure you these are NOT annunaki ships. if these ships were then we would of been be gone a long time ago. these are command? ships from the Scientific and Exploration fleets that will serve as the main command ships for the First Contact mission. they belong to the Galactic federation and are benevolant. you follow Colleen with her track rec?

  10. traitorsbeware

    @Feathery0 Well the triangle ones with blinking lights have been coasting over Victoria BC here for months. My daughter has seen them to. They make no noise and fly horizontally and seem to be doing surveillance. What will be will be.

  11. Feathery0

    @traitorsbeware Yes they are. I think they are annunaki ships…look at NASAS patchs and symbols…they have the same vector of the ship i saw. Its theirs im sure. That or Greys but from what i know they use Disks and CIgar or tube like ships though i dont know 😛 i never been on one and hope not to be.

  12. traitorsbeware

    @33point3 Did you notice their pretty colours, red, green ,blue, purple, like the frequency colours.


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