Good Morning Arizona Chemtrails – October 4, 2012

Another morning with chemtrails covering the beautiful Arizona sunrise. October 4, 2012 Buckeye, Arizona 0600 HOURS/1:00 UTC Temperature: 84° F Barometer: 29.92 in Wind: SE 8 mph Humidity: 19% Visibility: 10 miles My youtube Channel My other Channel “ArizonaPublic” Channel Comments

6 thoughts on “Good Morning Arizona Chemtrails – October 4, 2012

  1. FN WO

    it is horrible and I am tired of breathing this sh**t. When will people wake the F up!! Look up? folks they are poisoning us!!!! Clouds don’t look like this!! I watch them the other day as they sprayed. It started as a clear morning by 10AM it was a cloudy day with grid lines sprayed across the entire valley. This is is disgusting!! Why the public puts up with this I have not a clue. Call the sheriff, call your senator and congressmen, the EPA demand answers!

  2. rawrimadinosaur001

    That’s pretty bad man, Pheonix has been getting hit pretty hard? the last few days also. Good luck and thank you. I love seeing that some people actually know what’s going on, it’s the worst when there’s a ton of people outside and no one even looks up for a second.

  3. DustyWiyrick

    Good morning Sir,,,, nothing but blue so far up here in? the high desert ….thanks for updates.Selah,Wa.98942

  4. DustyWiyrick

    Hi, I remixed your video and made it a video response to? this one…Then read your comment here,,,lol —doah—…….Awesome video —-Selah,Wa.98942

  5. haskellfilmz

    Yes..isnt it special…our news people said that they were worried about traffic smog that is poisonous…so they will put out flags across town to tell us when the air is good! And here I was worried! Thank you? news people!


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