8 thoughts on “Government Now Admits. That Chemtrails Are REAL!!

  1. o0Nighthawk0o

    @xXXBOBLOBLAWXXx I have and do look up, and have for well over 40 years and these trails were there. Do some research and you will see that contrails have been around for decades.


    @o0Nighthawk0o If they say they are kicking the ideas around then almost a hundred percent of the time they have already started…….and anyway…..LOOK UP….they are not clouds and they were not there ten years ago……


    last two days Alex Jones has claimed Chemtrails are now admitted and have been active and in use for years by authority of the US government.

  4. o0Nighthawk0o

    Nowhere in that article does it show the government admitting to ‘chemtrails’ All it talks about is that there are ideas being kicked around about how to mitigate global warming. Hell, even the scientists sited cannot agree if global warming is even happening.

    Strange that the ‘obtained’ documents aren’t shown or linked.

    It also sites the KSLA ‘report’ that has been proven to be in error. The reporter should have said parts per billion not per million.

  5. pamaspamas

    the article says that it cools the atmosphere, but why does it actually heat the atmosphere instead? they are saying the opposite. government doesn’t lie does it? naaaaaah. they never lie. you can trust the government. the bastards.


    It’s amazing how there are still people that say chemtrails arent real or are just regular contrails. Some people have the attention span of a toddler. Then they would rather just say its a conspiracey theory before doing any extensive research into. The biggest reason for this is Cognitive laziness and the dumbing down of society. So anyone who wants to say chemtrails dont exist and are harmless do some f*cking research before commenting. thanks


    Etsi pou pame tha mas parakalane oi kyverniseis na pistepsoum oti ka chemtrail einai alithina…. apistoi!!!

    Great video!!!


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