15 thoughts on “HAARP Beams Through Chemtrail

  1. chavspotter

    Find a copy of ”Essay on the Modification of Clouds” by Luke Howard and published in 1803. All cloud types are named,? described and depicted in this book written 209 years ago.

  2. Maevelj

    If that’s what you want to? believe, if that keeps you comfortable, wrap yourself right up in that fuzzy blanket.

  3. TheSearcher67

    nonsense?? 100 years ago? ahahahahah What for spraying the sky with electrically conductive metals with behind dozens of patents to use parts of the sky like a mirror on which to reflect “your waves” but not “normal” radio frequencies …. hygroscopic particles for microwave radar to reduce disorders and sterilize the land …. you like the drought ‘and the GMO? not me!

  4. chavspotter

    What nonsense! They’re just normal ”wave? clouds” as described and photographed for well over 100 years. Radio waves are invisible and have no effect on the troposphere where clouds form.

  5. torilynwood

    Yes, I saw? all the chemtrails yesterday, not as bad as last year in my area of Virginia. Beautiful blue sky today… lovin’ it:)

  6. Maevelj

    It was so very much worse in Wilmington, NC.? I’m glad I made the move. So far, no days with literally 200 parallel lines in the sky and giant asterisks over my house.

  7. opensala

    either haarp or earth naturally breaking learning and assimilating this stuff, or somebody is meditating into that content or an alien presence which you do not see is doing that…i can tell you one thing, try to look to the sky from the most sensitive perspective which is soul feeling,and stay like that watching the sky, perhaps? at night, and what unprejudiced, including put aside all you ever learned about astronomy the earth and stars, try to find the truth by yourself..i do :)


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