HAARP Chemtrail Whistleblower Pilot Exposes Video Truth Evidence

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24 thoughts on “HAARP Chemtrail Whistleblower Pilot Exposes Video Truth Evidence

  1. FealSmart

    What’s funny is how they make a grid pattern like that. Commercial airlines are NOT allowed to fly like that. They have to stick to certain routes,? and they are also not allowed to get that close to eachother either because of the danger it presents. Open your fucking eyes people!

  2. 798unionpipeliner

    Your looking at the? aircraft dump fuel they do it high in the air so it doesn’t effect crops or anything. The reason they dump fuel is if say the landing goes wrong they will not blow up on landing.

  3. fosterjaml4

    For those of you who believe this is a contrail explain to me how two planes flying next to each other at the same time and altitude and one is perfectly clear and the other is like this? If you believe it’s normal airline travel why the grid pattern? why so many flights to the same place? Only 5 years ago we where lucky? to see a plane in 2 hours now I see that many in 5 minutes. If it’s a conspiracy how has it not leaked out by now? So many questions so few answers.

  4. riceburnagtv

    typical response from? someone who cannot back up their claims with any facts. And I am the ignorant one? hahaha! Keep donating to the chemtrail websites buddy, the only people more stupid are people who donate to their televangelist preachers.

  5. riceburnagtv

    You still cannot seem to fathom just how much aluminum would be required to render plants unable to grow in soil, it is simply not possible to effect plants by spraying aluminum that high up in the air, it is not targeted, it is not efficient and it certainly is not cost effective. just use some common sense and logic.? I know you want to hate on the system and governments for your failed life but at least protest about things they are ACTUALLY DOING like killing thousands for oil FFS!

  6. paystar5070

    Fucking joke,? and you have no clue what it is. Could be water for all you tree hugging nut jobs know!

  7. 00SKuNKy00

    That’s about the most ignorant excuse for not worrying about chem-trails i’ve heard yet. According to? the geo-engineers themselves the particles from one spray will have all fallen to the ground within 3-5 years. Our entire earth is a closed eco-system, meaning that ANYWHERE you poison it, that poison will end up everywhere else too.

  8. riceburnagtv

    You missed my point entirely, which is typical of someone with an IQ? of 40. My point is if Chernobyl can now grow trees, grasslands and support wildlife (even if it glows green of a night haha) Spraying aluminum that high in the sky will not effect anything. Your car is producing more pollution from the exhaust and its tyres each year!

  9. wahinni7

    Agent orange…..hahahahahahaha Chernobyl rejuvenated? Hahahahahahaha! And a lovely little town exists there now, replete with glorious hanging gardens, sprawling villas and infinity pools! OH! Cynthia and I will be making our vacation plans? there soon! It IS ti die for!!!!

  10. riceburnagtv

    Right and how do you propose that is going to happen? I think you need to look up Chernobyl and how that place has rejuvenated itself in 25 years after being decimated by nuclear fallout and you think, spraying something (which they are not doing)? from 40,00 feet in the air is going to kill everything off and effect our water? Unbelievable!

  11. wahinni7

    It’s only a distraction until there? is no water left and everything is defoliated because of this

  12. riceburnagtv

    Cool man i dont mean to come across as aggressive I just see these things as being a massive distraction to real issues and the people who call themselves awake by believing in this crap have been fooled quite successfully. Google (modes of transport efficiency) and you? will see that cars, buses and trucks are alot more inefficient than planes! The chamtards should be picketing Ford as to why the feel the need to still make cars like the F350 etc

  13. MR2Davjohn

    I freely admit that I don’t know everything about aviation. Modern jets do dump from time to time, although not as much as some say. However, the point of the video is chemtrails, not contrails. Chemtrails are Chemical trails, whereas contrails are condensation trails.

    I don’t buy the chemical conspiracy. This “illuminati” has gotten to be a joke. They might as well blame Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Even if? they are not chemtrails, jets emit an incredible amount of exhaust. Flying CO² factories.

  14. riceburnagtv

    oh and the reason for so many contrails apart from the 1000% increase in air travel is the new twin bypass turbo fan engines that were introduced in the 90’s. They effectively made the engines more efficient and that made them produce more water vapor. But hey if you would rather believe all the governments have somehow convinced hundreds of thousands of people of? all walks of life from the aviation and meteorology sectors to remain quiet about poisoning their own families then so be it!

  15. riceburnagtv

    No please look up aerodynamic contrail and you will see why this occurs! And NO every modern jet does not dump fuel on approach eneryday, thats like burning money! what they do do is calculate the fuel they will require to fly from point A to point B based? on the total weight of the plane due to ist cargo and passengers, wind conditions and direction. it is all calculated in a way to minimize the chance of having to dump at all, dumps only occur when a plane is forced to land unexpectedly


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