HAARP – Cloud Watch – 15mins – Reedley CA 6.28.11

orgonite tower busters for sale here myworld.ebay.com chemtrail killers…try them for yourself my skys are BLUE again, thank you orgone JUNE 28th video #3 6pm Reedley CA i decided to make 1 video with not much movement, most of my videos move so fast they make me dizzy when i watch them…. this time you can watch the clouds & not get dizzy i also looked at radar once again, NO rain or clouds for 200 miles of me…. i guess radar dont pick up HAARP :) anyways, enjoy the poison HAARP Earthquakes Ionosphere Atmosphere Radio Frequency Electronic Transmission NASA VLF Waves Conspiracy US Government Magnetometer Japan March 11 Ionospheric Magnetic Field Space Wavelength Radio Waves Transmission Disturbance Trigger Manipulation Conspiracy Theory Evidence Interference Japanese Earthquake Tsunami tokyo fukushima electromagnetic daiichi New World Order Orgone Orgonite

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