HAARP Deadly Military Weapon In History

www.airsidelimo.com HAARP(High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Weather Changes Such As Earthquake, Tsunami, Tornado, Droughts, Flooding, Cyclones Now In Your Own Hand. See Video Carefully, Due To This Deadly Weapon In Any Country Area Or Any Island All Around The World Can Be Drowned, Erased Or Wiped Out. Official Says Recent Unexpected Flood, Earthquake and Tsunami (World Largest Flood Victims Ever In History In Pakistan, Earth Quake In New Zealand, Haiti, China, Chile & Tsunamis) Even Mysteriously Found Fishes In Persian Gulf As Well As Dead Birds Found In Different American States HAARP Is Responsible . . . What Do You Think ?

22 thoughts on “HAARP Deadly Military Weapon In History

  1. rammar09

    @connectingdots1 – ya i bet its got info of how it caused Japan quake – kattyjamez send it to me to

  2. TheSouthernowl

    When I found out about what HAARP had done, I was real mad, there’s a strange Guy who lives down the road from me who just happens to play the HARRP and in the recent earthquake we had in CHCH his house was untouched It dose make you wonder.!!!! I was going to go down and give him a real going over but my friend stopped me.

  3. ctirtiaux

    hint for the dead birds…

    Cell Phone Radiation Possibly Tied to Decline of Birds in Southern India



    I dont understand how the EU can have a HAARP style system in Norway. Like Switzerland, Norway is not in the European Union.

  5. kattyjamez

    Videos Have Been Upload About The Conspiracy
    To Search Just Write Down
    HAARP Conspiracy Theory Part 1 of 6 (Toronto Airport Limo)

  6. WeAreAtomicEnergy

    Stop doing meth…paranoid fucks…there is more danger from you conspiracy theorists than any fantasy weather machine..

  7. namrednop

    The narrator of this video sounds like Jonathan Frakes (i.e. Captain Jean-Luc-Picard’s #1 Commander) William T. Riker from the Starship Enterprise!

    Who better to narrate a video on this subject!

  8. DeliriousKindness1

    The elite got there underground labyrinths with high speed trains to bases all over the US and there probably the same set up in the rest of the world to hide out in till the smoke clears.
    The signature of haarp is showing up before many extreme weather events
    I’m thinking all the big earthquakes in the last decade were caused by harp ,recently Yellowstone has activity.See Georgia Stones

  9. Myredeemeriscoming

    Why did the video stop playing when they started talking abpout tomography?I would really like to see the rest of this.I wish all of it had been uploaded.

  10. connectingdots1

    DOES the video stop playing for anyone else at the 6:50 min. mark?
    someone doesn’t want the public to see what comes next as it would really help us connect some Dots.
    Anyone have the original of this video?..send it me to me if you do as we need to get this out! ASAP

  11. connectingdots1

    Hey he forgot to mention the HAARP installation in Australia that’s located on the outback…I can’t remember the name of townnearby at this moment but I know when i researched this topic I did find one there and also noticed many earthquake located near 20+/- mi below, they can be seen using Googlearth & choosing earthquake layer,it seemed really suspicious to me as not ALL quakes took places at that depth but MANY did around 21 to 22mi..could be nothing who knows?

  12. MCEsBeatsInTha863

    DAMNNN…. So wtf do we do, we can’t just sit and watch them do this shit to us. We were warn in the bible. There are a few of them and millions of us but half of us are alseep and are buying all the bull shit that comes out on the tvs and media. SO WHAT DO WE DO??


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