HAARP – Playing God with the Elements

HAARP is a program used by the US NAVY to enhance communication system both for civilians and for defensive purposes.The question is that, is HAARP being used as a weapon and is causing earthquakes and tornadoes in some parts of the world…? 1976 United Nations Weather Weapon Treaty. arcticbeacon.com Space Preservation Act of 2001 (HR 2977) www.fas.org video from: www.youtube.com

26 thoughts on “HAARP – Playing God with the Elements

  1. ipatshow

    One argument to the Iran flooding: That was the year ElNino was in effect. Crazier thigns, like 2 feet of snow in VA, have happend.

  2. anonymoustruther2

    You know you’ll never have the whole truth with Jesse Ventura.
    The more truthful thing that was on Jesse Ventura’s show was cut.
    Here at 7:30 if you want to know.
    I wrote the last comment on the video.

  3. b4real89

    its true ..they’re using HAARP for weather controling as a weapon AND they can also apply mind control .. check out Jesse Ventura’s videos about HAARP!

  4. anonymoustruther2

    This electronic music is AWESOME! And I put it again in my new video coming up in an hour.
    It’s gonna be the last time… because I don’t want to use it too much.

  5. anonymoustruther2

    WTF are you talking about? There’s 15 of those in the world.
    Nobody is “blaming the US’ moron. And following your country like a stupid cultist will never help anyone, nor your country. Get a clue… open a book…

  6. Cerebus32

    We (the us of a) get blamed for anything and everything in the world. who gives a shit. either get on board or shoot ur selfs in the head!

  7. Redhead

    Google youtube for NASA Discovery STS-133. That flash of light — that’s what HAARP is for. Alternatively, you can read The Day After Roswell by Corso. He says it all. Better than fiction.

  8. anonymoustruther2

    Sorry but I do dig stuff when it’s on paper.
    Here, I forgot to put both of these under the video.
    Here’s the next document.
    fas. org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977. html
    I’ve linked BOTH documents under the video btw.. it’s easier.
    EVERYTHING is in them. YOUR choice not to read them and learn.

  9. BucksStudent

    @anonymoustruther2 “Flooding the truth with lies, so you can’t find the truth.” Now that I can believe.

  10. anonymoustruther2

    Dude! REAL tech is 24-40 yrs in advance. And HAARP tech is nothing special anymore.
    //arcticbeacon. com/books/UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty.pdf
    95%+ of ‘conspiracies’ are LIES and HALF-TRUTHS! To make us believe in a GREATER lie.
    Flooding the truth with lies, so you can’t find the truth.
    The Role of the REAL NWO is to make us HATE the FALSE NWO that everyone knows, so we’ll accept and cherish later the TRUE NWO.
    They want us to become all confused mini-masons.

  11. BucksStudent

    @anonymoustruther2 Granted, I could see the gov’t doing something like this, but I don’t see them letting the media or any underground movement about it exist. That’s just my viewpoint. If they actually did it, cool, there’s little we can do about it. I don’t think it’s even possible; the amount of energy in a tornado and Earthquake is impossible for man to create. That’s my take.

  12. BucksStudent

    @anonymoustruther2 This is what you said: “hahaha!… ok… so I much be paranoid… mmmh…”
    First of all, if you ever want to be considered seriously, or at least intelligent to some degree, you’ll write it as this: “Ha! Ok, so I must be paranoid! Hmmm…” Now, this is a modified form of what you said; I would say it like this: “Oh, so I’m the paranoid person? You’re delusional; you haven’t read what the gov’t has said about this. CBS has a two hour special on this!”

  13. anonymoustruther2

    hahaha!… ok… so I much be paranoid…. mmmh…
    You’re really delusional… you don’t even read what THEY THEMSELVES say about all this….
    There’s 15 ‘HAARP-like’ machines in the world… CBC made 2 hours on this…
    Anyway….. as you wish…

  14. BucksStudent

    @anonymoustruther2 I don’t watch TV, but I’m not paranoid about every single thing. If the gov’t were doing something like this, do you think they’d let you talk about it? This idea of yours means that they’re mass murdering, playing with nature, and using tax money for something no one would want. Do you think they’d let you talk about it online? Go read your National Enquirer, it will make your head explode soon.

  15. BucksStudent

    @anonymoustruther2 I have read your comment over and over, and it makes about as much sense as this video and your grammar mistakes.

  16. anonymoustruther2

    What? You can about EVERYTHING on the internet, the ONLY time they gonna crush you if it’s very hateful, and if it’s about something NO ONE should really know, mostly military, and you won’t know about it…. not a lot of people do when it happens… and NO I’m not talking about some WikiLeaks psyop crap…
    And it’s NOT because they do not care about freedom of speech, it’s to not make waves.
    There’s words for this, Information and psychological warfare.

  17. BucksStudent

    Guys, if it were HAARP, the government would be constantly patrolling the internet to make sure no one discussed it. The gov’t’s business is the gov’t’s business, and they do things all the time without people even guessing it would happen. You can say the internet is free and your freedom of speech can’t be violated until the cows come home, but the gov’t doesn’t care about you or your freedom of speech.

  18. anonymoustruther2

    yeah I know, it’s really good… here’s another one a little different still from Holden, on my other channel.

  19. scottishtracy

    great track, got this on vinyl, best remix, builds so nice, gives me goosebumps every single time i hear it :)

  20. anonymoustruther2

    One of many remix of ‘The Sky was Pink’ from Nathan Fake.
    You can see it under the video, under the views number.


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