HAARP, Scalar, Mind Control, Chemtrails and BlueBeam – Icke & Swerdlow

10 thoughts on “HAARP, Scalar, Mind Control, Chemtrails and BlueBeam – Icke & Swerdlow

  1. hairtogovideos

    boil apple cider vinegar and water outside and the chemtrails vanish from the acid base reaction. play music outside your window as the soundwaves scatter the chem-clouds. it works! if you can’t boil outside use a vaporizer in a window with vinegar water. A soaked? towel in vinegar outside works too . These are demonic spirits in these artificial clouds do not let them linger over your house! The clouds are used for elf mind control through soundwaves and microwaves!

  2. Nobunoni

    Incredible of how few the numbers are of folks looking at these vids’
    How long can people be so blind? Of what I have seen and experienced’ the? chemtrails build into a screen’ and then cloud cover’ and EMF and “Scalar Waves” are bounced off these clouds’ straight down at the ground’ The clouds are the “Brains” So punch a massive hole in them with “Orgone” The clouds carry DOR’ convert it to OR and break this stuff up! AWAKE’N !! :)))

  3. Nobunoni

    NASA the NAZIS’ and it looks like the UN’ and also the oil and gas corporate powers and factions of US military’ Boys play with toys’ “Scalar Waves” and show the whole world of that which they are going to do’ in plain view’ with crop circles’ Now using the same technology and nuclear devices to depopulate the world’ Have seen lots of scalar wave clouds recently and also scalar wave seas’ Zion Logo is on UK 50p’ The uniting of muslims and christians under? the inverted pentagram’ Hologram ufo’s

  4. Nobunoni


    Time to fight back folks’ with HHG’ and Orgone generators’ Orgone cloud busters etc’
    These fuckers are using “Scalar waves” Tesla technology’ and they are going to beam the second coming of the christ into everyones heads’ and bring in a? new religion for the new age of aquarius’ uniting the muslims and the christians under the new religion’ RFID (Mark of the Beast) and mind control beamed from satelites’

  5. chemicalovercast

    – Declare Independence watch?v=igOWR_-BXJU is the vid I just slowed it down . I still see lots of videos of other people still getting hit? hard. I have no idea whats going on around here but it sure is nice having blue skies.


  6. a2zhandi

    they’re? directing all the material some place. Brazil or Australia comes to mind.
    They’re getting some nasty weather lately.

  7. monimuette

    what’s happening on the video first few minutes?Good job? btw. Still mostly blues skies lately… what do you think is going on?


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