HAARP ?? Sydney Australia Sets Record 115 Degrees as Fires Blaze ~ Weather Warfare 2013

http://www.bom.gov.au/products/national_radar_sat.loop.shtml http://www.weatherzone.com.au/satellite http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/01/18/14/01/mer…

23 thoughts on “HAARP ?? Sydney Australia Sets Record 115 Degrees as Fires Blaze ~ Weather Warfare 2013

  1. Marthanan Bonelli

    This is scarry stuff.Solar flares on the sun are going to upset our grid also this 2013.A big solar flare on the sun is suppose to upset the? all our communication systems here on Earth.The Radiation from the sun flares can not be healthy for anything on earth

  2. BrettL64

    I scoffed at first BUT we had another tornado today.We don’t get those? normally but this is the second in the past week.
    Cyclones, hot weather, fires O.K BUT NOT TORNADO’S,

  3. Robert67123

    i was on a camp when hat hot day hit, like a school camp we swam in the pool? like literally the whole day, in sydney

  4. chia pett

    Eight things there be a? comet brings,
    When on high it doth horrid range:
    Wind, famine, plague, and death to kings;
    War, earthquakes, floods,
    And direful change.

    — From an old German poem.

  5. scatt gordon

    do you think that big quake in the south pacific ocean this week is part of the same series of events. it was 6.1 but i must have missed the coverage ’cause i couldn’t? find anyone who mentioned it?

  6. chia pett

    if you are interested in psalm91 you might like one of those ‘not afraid’? bandannas the troops/police/firefighters get. many stories of life saving miracles when prayed daily. God bless, take? care.

  7. chia pett

    watch as the n.e.o. does the rounds; australian heat wave, indonesian floods, china mudslide, UK? 40 hour snowstorm..USA next? Lord have mercy, please hide your people under your feathers! psalm 91 also speaks of “the destruction that wastes at noonday” thats the upper transit of the sun (midday) but the western transit (sunset) is also a very dangerous time hear many sirens at the transits & also the lunar transits are bad psalm91 & cover in the Blood of Jesus for protection. stay safe.

  8. chia pett

    thanks for your response! Glory to God 😀
    you might like to check this out: Peggy Joyce Ruth on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – Divine Protection
    may Jesus bless? you my friend :)

  9. adawgg420

    DAHBOO thats not HAARP. there are so many ways of weather modifacation with just a doppler? radar. look past Jesse Ventura, he has his own shows on ‘True Tv’ owned by Time Warner who also owns CNN. after all those are the people we shouldnt trust.

  10. TruthSeekingElf

    The sun has been getting blamed for everything including cancer since the 80’s. The sun and all the rest of the planets have been doing their thing without harming this earth for? eons. The sun is the life giver, it sustains everything and everyone, we all die without it. It’s a living breathing organism so of course there are eruptions, but there have always been, this is the excuse the propagandists put out to deflect away from their use of deadly life destroying HAARP.

  11. laura H

    Could it be the? sun spot eruptions interfering? yesterday was supposed to be a big one towards the earth.

  12. robert210756

    “Chia pet”… cool name. i just read Ps 91, you may not realize this, because you put his on here the Holy Spirit brought my attn to it.
    answering a burning question in my heart that has been weighing on? me.
    thank you. the Holy Spirit used you to get a message to me Praise be unto the Father Yahweh for bringing us together to help each other.
    the Holy Spirit is active in your life, you must have a great relationship with
    our Savoir Yahushua Our Messiah. Shalom

  13. TruthSeekingElf

    The HAARP clouds over Melbourne this last three days have been horrific, waves and waves all over the skies affecting mobile phone signals, radio signals, my radio has? been cutting out for more than a minute at a time this last three days also, it’s disgusting. Yesterday was 41 degrees, today it’s 18, this is insane, what are they trying to do to us!

  14. Arz547

    hows this for the near earth objects… long but worth the? watch if you are seriously interested


  15. SunofKuan

    Thank you for taking notice bro :)
    It’s freakin hot alright !
    Since that circle a severe warning? for high winds ‘Sydney area’ has been issued.. kinda stinks for getting these fires under control..
    Cheers from down under !

  16. chia pett

    ow and when its super windy it usually means? a planetary alignment. these are just my observations. but brace yourselves, it revolves around in turn & youre next. psalm 91 God bless.

  17. chia pett

    imo its a near earth object. i see a re-occurring pattern. object nears sun; we get solar flares, super? hot weather, then it goes between earth & sun so we see the temps plummet dark days, rain, storms (earthquakes) you will notice fridges run colder & water boiling hotter as the atmospheric pressure lowers.
    then it moves toward USA, you experience a few days after us but maybe more severe, tornadoes etc. i dont doubt theres a haarp element but i think theyre milking a n.e.o. for all its worth.


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