HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science.

I put this video together to show proof that US and Russia has been building and using weather control stations for many years. The US has 5 of these stations around the world now. Here’s the whole History Channel program: www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science.

  1. noneofyourbusiness06

    @computerfreaq17 But an atomic weapon would cause a war and worldwide outcry. Haarp is covert and real hard to prove. Good point though

  2. TagManpants

    There may be another side to this tech. HAARP according to their own information is capable of serving as a surveillance platform across a wide array of radio frequencies. Long-range RFID chips work on a frequency of 2.5 to 5 GHZ – well within the detectable frequency of HAARP. So, theoretically, if one wanted to microchip a population, wouldn’t this make a great control/detection grid? I’ve often wondered if the weather subject is part of a distraction strategy.


    NO HAARP. Analize this:
    The interval between two strong quakes in Japan from 11 March 5h 46m 7 April 14h 32m exactly 27d 8h 46m.
    Time for a tour of the Moon around the Earth exactly 27d 7h 43m. The difference is just 1h 03m.
    I ask: Who makes earthquakes? HAARP,Tectonic plates or the moon?

  4. computerfreaq17

    Starvation is NOT the best way to kill off a whole population, it is in FACT, a thermonuclear atomic bomb, or a hydrogen bomb, or along those lines with millions of megatons of energy! It is more resourceful to drop a bomb than to project millions of watts into the ionosphere!

  5. khrisb1

    you can always ignore the truth. and be smug,and set in your foolish ways, or open your eyes and see that HAARP is a dangerous weapon,and can be used to create earth quakes,major super storms,and even manipulate our minds by altering our frequencey of human operation..

  6. TheLagunaSunrise

    @robbyracket If their plan really is to depopulate earth, I’m all for it. Over-population is a serious problem. The poorest people keep on having more and more children. I hope this conspiracy comes to life.

  7. hexspell9

    is this sort the of thing that keeps you entertained? then we will show it to you…and still you sit there, but you feel intelligent, and unlike “all those other fools”.

  8. src438

    From an artical:

    Who they are? What is their tactic and reasons of doing it?

    There are several speculations, as to who? they are. One is that they are NSA (National Security Agency, American), others claim them to be Jewish (Ashka-nazis) Intelligence agency, and even others claim them to be Russians. Their exact identity will only be exposed once they are? caught. Therefore, if? this is all so wide spread then? why are they not caught yet? With all the technology these days?

  9. odamsy

    am ready for action we need to dethrone our government they are evil we need to ban together we need to communicate we need action

  10. 13l4CK

    @tinkerbell6245 I also believe the viruses that are running amok is created in government labbs & i dont really care if people dont believe me, its not like they was SMART enough to know the truth in the 1st place…

    I think by now, people knows that HIV was made to kill black ppl??
    yehh yall shud know that by now right?
    when i say YALL i dont mean JUST you tinkerbell, i mean everyone as well..

  11. 13l4CK

    I hate when people type of more then 500 characters stating how “people need to wake up” & life is no longer what it used to be & blah blah but they themselves dont even have a sufficient ANSWER or knowledge to atleast inform people DIRECTLY instead of trying to Sheep-Scare people…

    A lot of shit theyve been showing on History (Nostradamus effect, Aliens ETC etc)
    has some information that yall need to do homework on…
    i am now finding out about Haarp & im going to continue investigation

  12. tinkerbell6245

    man why is people finding different ways to kill eachothers !!!!!!!!!! what next weapon to destroy the planet with click of a button, virus to turn uss into wombies,. this is crazy man!!!! there are certain thing human most not do is mess with mother nature. why do we want do damage to earth!!!!!!!!

  13. MatthewSforcina

    We must be aware, this was broadcast on the History Channel. Very public. This knowledge was intended to get out. We aware of the deceptions within deceptions. If it’s public, it’s probably a lie.

  14. andreo819

    people if it is true about haarp, please someone proof it ,make your own film where we can see how it works. dont show parts of documantary movies.


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