Have you been sick a lot lately? Join our Chemtrail report.

There are many environmental factors that can cause illness. It seems we are getting sicker and getting sicker for longer periods of time. Something is wrong with this picture. Join us in a group effort to 1.track the jets that are making artificial cloud cover in your area. 2. list your symptoms if you have been ill. 3. list remedies that have worked for you and might work for others. Including meditations, visualizations. My apologies to those who so kindly posted on the last video. I had to re-post for some very good reasons. We are powerful beings. We don’t need to blame others, we need to find solutions. So let’s start here. Be kind. Think peace, love and perfect health.

25 thoughts on “Have you been sick a lot lately? Join our Chemtrail report.

  1. tao123chi

    @SpeakerChrisARnett try a “nasal douche” everyday. there are sopme good ones on ebay.use himilayan pink salt in it with distilled water.also something that helps me is to lay on my back and place a hairdryer so it blows warm air in my face towards my nose and in about 15 min. my breathing is returned to normal and nose and chest return to normal.

  2. gregorianchantfan

    I moved to Germany a year ago (where they spray us like crazy) and in the past few months I have allergy symptoms, frequent colds and chronic fatigue. I didn’t know about chem trails until recently and I am getting scared now. I have tried ever everything but don’t seem to get any better.

  3. VibrateHigh

    I want to thank everyone who have listed symptoms on this video –
    It’s so important that we recognize what has happened to our general health. Thank you.

  4. cowboygurl40

    Live in Georgia See chemtrails allot. allergies, stiff neck, muscle aches, joint pain fatigue, allergies, ear, sinus, breathing issues, intestinal issues. never sick before just in the past 3 years family sick a lot. Use herbal treatments antifungals mostly.

  5. cruCHEV

    I recommend trying Emergen-C powder packets.
    They are inexpensive, and can’t possibly hurt
    (unless you are allergic to Vitamin C).
    The large dose of Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system.
    I just tries using some today in response to the mild influenza-like symptoms I suffer when the spraying occurs (such as sore throat/nasal cavity and fatigue). My symptoms have improved moderately.

  6. SpeakerChrisARnett

    Oh don’t get me started on breathing issues. I need a place to run too..is any place safe? What can I do. I’m sick and I am tired of being sick. I am physically stronger than most men my age and this does not feel good.

  7. SpeakerChrisARnett

    Chronic cough won’t go away. Pain in my chest if I exert myself. Heart ok its in the bronchial tubes. Been sick since Feb. 2010. Now I am super sensitive to molds and dust all of a sudden. Wheeze every night all night long and now during the day too.

    And I am a fitness instructor.

  8. apparition2

    We’re getting hammered on the west coast.

    Do a search for Orgonite. It’s not expensive to make and the results can be jaw dropping, sometimes you can see chemtrails vanish within minutes. To make Organite, mix Crystals, scrap Aluminum (machine shops are a good source), Iron with epoxy in buckets with seven 6 FT Copper Tubes inserted. Allow to cure overnight then experiment by pointing them at chemtrails.

  9. bLoodykNuklz

    one of the reason its being done is to get rid of the over 75million vaccines that will go sour if not used soon…..the swine flu was a big financial flop and they are trying to make us sick to get our asses into the clinic….aside from haarp and other things they involve as well…im in edmonton ab canada, they are stepping it up here and spraying at all times of the day now. for a week or more straight then letting off a day or two only to return to spraying again and again. i feel like shit

  10. turqouiseorchid88

    I HOPE that we can mend. My idea is to begin wearing bandanas more often when out side, gardening & biking, wearing sunscreen with non-poisonous chemicals, and planting things that help the stat of our eco system.

  11. 27ringsNY

    Lots of Spraying going on on the East coast everyday from Jersey to Boston. Almost everyone I know has had these symptoms, including myself, I suggest ingesting Bentenite clay it pulls any heavy meatals or toxins out of your body.

  12. nizzlequiz

    I see them every morning on my way to work. EVERYONE I know has been having respiratory issues on an increased level lately. It’s always just passed off as, “Oh, there’s a bug going around.” Lots o bugs out there I guess… :-S

  13. RoninHawk

    I have no illnesses to report. Actually, now that I think about it, I havent been sick in about 6 years. There are daily trails in the sky, and I am fit as a fiddle, feeling great, life is great. Sucks to be the rest of you ;o)

  14. RoninHawk

    I have no illnesses to report. Actually, now that I think about it, I havent been sick in about 6 years. There are daily trails in the sky, and I am fit as a fiddle, feeling great, life is great.

    Sucks to be the rest of you ;o)

  15. LipsMalloy

    So Cal gets sprayed regularly. I take videos. I think the planes are drones; not in normal flight path. I’ve been sick for 3 weeks – upper respiratory, heavy cough, headaches, etc. I’ve been taking homeopathics, which help. 2 yrs ago I got pleural effusion (pneumonia in lining of lungs) and almost died. My eyes get extremely irritated and I start coughing and sneezing right away. I’m also experiencing strange severe muscle cramps regularly, mostly at night in bed.

  16. praeeo

    Great vid…. I’ve been having these issues (and more with no explanation from DRs-in fact, I think they look at me like I have two heads at times…lol) and now my kids and animals are suffering the same…. Heavy chem’ing here in So Cal and it’s only getting worse and now they’re bringing in FREE swine flu clinics at our school districts (gee, hate to ask… can it get any worse? – I know it can, just seems they are doing this in overdrive)… THIS CRAP NEEDS TO STOP!

  17. choezkevin

    my Eyes have hurted these last days. i feel i begin to see blurry (and im 15), i dont use glasses, but my eyes have always been good on reading etc. but i feel its somethings changed. i live in norway, heard that its rich on chemtrails…
    maybe because i just sleep to bad. i dunno.. but its strange. I never get sick too, but the last months ive begin to.
    =/ This chemtrails shit is true folks!!
    maybe its just me the symptons that im having, but its real

  18. sonicstarfox997

    Thick mucus in my throat, a slight headache in the right side of my head, swelling in my eyes a little, everytime i cry my eyes burn as if i was crying acid tears. Not to mention my hair smells like cleaning fluid ever since i went out in the rain.

  19. HumanSnakeFace

    Plenty of spraying for 2 weeks, night & day since after heavy rainstorms here in southern California. People all about, including myself, immediately succumbed to cold like symptoms. To me, it does feel like a cold, but more of an irritation in my ears, nose and throat. –
    Hot Jasmine tea seems to reduce these symptoms.

  20. Truthexpedition

    Everyone here is constantly getting sick. Our immune systems are being attacked and yes it happens to coincide with heavy chemtrailing. But hey we’re seeing more and more pretty rainbows in that jet exhaust. The pharma whores want your money. They’ll never make enough.

  21. tweetyli1

    Spraying several times a week still, 2-3x/day. Improvement in stiff neck though not back to normal, no headaches/nausea at this time. Sleep trouble, low energy, foggy thinking remains. Coughing, breathing difficulty is becoming chronic, very troubling since no smoking, I eat well and exercise. Good health to all this year~

  22. astarotcito

    my moms energy level and mines too gotten down amazingly to a point where we become almost mindless ,some headache and problems to breath normaly…i usually heal my self drinking lots of water takin a bath and eating healthier that means no chemical food, no meat, no sodas or fat drinks…just natural food fruits and vegetables.


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