Have You Seen This Maneuver Yet?

check out how differently these two trails react under the same conditions.

25 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Maneuver Yet?

  1. towerclimber37

    Not only are they at different altitudes, different jet engines have different exhaust ports and propagate contrails in different ways.

  2. muckitall84

    Seen every day in AUSTRIA!!!
    THis is called GEO ENGiNEERING!!!

  3. Lulu4Him

    @chickadillydee They are called “Chemtrails” for a reason. Tests of the air shows that these trails consist of many poisons, even three different kinds of cancers. We are being sprayed. It’s in our air, water, soil, food. Ever hear of H.A.A.R.P?


    ye man your about the 5th nut job ive asked for the price on that skunk your smoking i pay good money but you must put too much in your spliffs

  5. chickadillydee

    you see that tolerance and understanding of others is missing in this human species..as “living near” does not indicate anything…so take what you may..and discard what is left..at your will…of course it is all about the self

  6. Legionoftruthers

    Your comment shows that you don’t understand.
    Living near an airports gives you ZERO experience with the behaviour of aircraft at altitude and their tendency to form contrails at cruising altitude.
    If you lived HALFWAY between two airports where planes have reached high altitude your location might give you some credibility.

  7. xDarkside101x

    @a1mint Before I watch this, might I add that the samples were not taken from the soil, but from a water sample on the ground, and where does water come from? The sky.

  8. xDarkside101x

    @a1mint “The aluminum numbers are incorrect because the sampled stirred up soil”, can you show me your proof of that?

  9. chickadillydee

    I live near a air force base and an international airport..regular jets..military included do not leave trails that last for days…theses trails grow across the horizon..to form artificial clouds..if it is being done for our good would it not be wise to say so??? I think that they destroyed the atmosphere and have to create clouds to get it to storm..which is uncontrollable also…hence the massive deluge of rain..wind..tornadoes…wait …we are in for a bumpy ride…so gear up

  10. MrZephyros

    Crow Instability
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In aerodynamics, the Crow Instability is an inviscid line-vortex instability, named after its discoverer S. C. Crow. The Crow instability is most commonly observed in the skies behind large aircraft, when the wingtip vortices interact with contrails from the engines, producing visible distortions in the shape of the contrail.

  11. OhNoYouCant

    Why are so many of the chemtrail wackos into really crappy music (often techno)? I think it is just further indication of their mental instability.

  12. Txsray

    I’ve seen parallel lines, grids, chevrons, curves and freestyle.

    In this video the first trail is obviously a chemtrails.
    But the thinner trails that disappear quickly are probably just contrails.

  13. lyricalbrit

    people they are sparying aluminum into the atmosphere to help reflect the sun rays and radiation entering the earths atmosphere due to global warming diminishing the o-zone layer

  14. heidel420

    OMFG!!! – Different altitudes have DIFFERENT conditions! OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    -you are all retarded if you believe this hogwash.

  15. sombrasbaul

    nice plasma mixing. Good video. Check out for Leuren Moret and chemtrail – plasma -tectonical – nuclear – warfare. In youtube.

  16. SergeCWazukie

    i really wana know how fucked up people can get, this is bull to say the least! first mk ultra now our air supply…m… yeah, im gona participate in the april 15th protest, even if it doesnt do much we try! >:/ oh, and one other thing, who the fuck doesnt believe in them when THIS IS THE PROOF!? really people? its right there!

  17. svenSZonia

    looks like the second trail neutralized the first trail…but,hm….this two trails worked together,trail1 includes chemical no.1 and the second trail has the other components….so if you try to test the stuff in the tank,it’s not the same stuff you can find,if you make a water-test or a ph-test….know what i mean?

    my english is not so good,sorry :)

  18. supercookieduster

    sooo this shit isn’t being sped up or anything? Contrails shouldn’t dissipate that fast, let alone be absorbed by another contrail. thats messed up, because the camera clearly shows that this is being shot in real time….


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