Hawaii Revisited; Investigating Chemtrails/Geoengineering

Michael J. Murphy, Co-Producer of “What in the World are They Spraying?” returns to Hawaii to further invstigate the chemtrail/geoengineering issue one year after filming the groundbreaking documentary..

25 thoughts on “Hawaii Revisited; Investigating Chemtrails/Geoengineering

  1. electricfemale

    Great and yippie…. I want an end to the chem trails and other things too, lol. Soo…. I am doing as much as I can also. Love to all.

  2. 1eyednewt

    Did anyone, anywhere, have a good growing season this year? All I’ve heard was “this was a shitty year for tomatoes”!

  3. kenjams

    Much respect, thanks for all your work.
    This local intiative could be just what we need to get things moving.
    Then take to the State Level. Then a House Resolution when we have enough states.

  4. timmyosman5050

    You should have seen the East-West even rows of spraying on the Big island here yesterday on September 21st 2011. I’ve been aware of this for years and haven’t seen spraying as abundant other than in Phoenix AZ–I actually took a picture it was so thick…..

    One thing to notice is the Yellowish dirty brown large Halo around the sun; sometimes you can actually see a oily ‘rainbow’ haze as well….polarized sunglasses help to see.

    Subtly help people to see whats going on in our skys!!

  5. IwasaBushfan

    i pray for the safety of michael, and want HIM for the next president he has all the qualities of a smedley butler….and no one knows of him either….and the vice prez griffen…or vice versa….

  6. badattitude77769

    I have seen a picture of soldiers wearing cameo in Hawaii walking with their children with birth deformities caused by depleted uranium from the bombing range over there; it is sheer evil, there is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste so they use it on warheads. The facism continues with no respect for anyone or anything not even “their” own grandchildren.

  7. lamapper

    @PLATINUM3NDO They will be told that nothing is going on. Who are they going to talk to. Air Traffic controllers see it, but are told to keep their mouths shut or they may lose their jobs. Politicians do not want to see it. They know to cross the military industrial complex is a career ending endeavor. The corporations that control the politicians so effectively control the media, the labs, etc, My suggestion, Start with local politicians, than state get them to understand the effects…

  8. beldapriest

    Here in West Pennsylvania the spraying dropped off in my area, but someone in Pittsburgh says they are getting sprayed daily. They have resumed here in the past few days, spraying heavy early AM and stopping after daylight. Looks like a tic tac toe game & my migraines have returned. I am honestly starting to believe it is a eugenics program since I read they are using the same chemical in fracking which gets into peoples well water.

  9. LAK1220able

    I would like to say Thank You For Such A Good And Informative Video!..Last Night I Watched a DVD of Hawaii-Reflections Of Nature…And Was Wishing I was there to literally take in it’s Natural Beauty..this is what prompted me to check the internet for information of Chemtrails In Hawaii..Unfortunately I got the Very Sad news here on your video, confirmation that All Of Us Are Being Poisoned Worldwide..I Bless Us All Good Hearted/Spirited Human Beings Worldwide! With My Love And Light My Friend!!

  10. shnarfers

    long story but I lost my firearm to the Santa Rosa pigs.
    The reason the court appointed psyc ex navy seal john podboy said was because I was not in the real world. why??
    Because I mentioned chemtrails and 9/11 being an inside job to srpd. I brought this to srpd’s attention and they used it to rob me of my rights and valuable property.
    Srpd has made an enemy. I’m proud to speak out about this possibility. Srpd are scumbag cowards and pigs.


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