Healing Chemtrails – The Shocking Truth

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25 thoughts on “Healing Chemtrails – The Shocking Truth

  1. Jerrodswmhr

    Hopefully the mass consciousness will shift to the Love frequency. Maybe then the imbalance will become balance.

    Unfortunately these chemicals are effective in their destruction potential.

    May God helps us make better choices and Enlighten those who are part of this current assault on Nature.

  2. celebrating108

    Quantum physicists confirm what Sages of old have said; our world is a quantum soup of light photons which assemble themselves according to our beliefs and expectations… the choice of what to believe is always up to us.

  3. celebrating108

    I have witnessed many miracles from the power of love, so to me, its ability to heal and transform is unlimited… and we each follow our own heart.

  4. Jerrodswmhr

    I do not believe religion serves a purpose. God is universal energy and not a religion. Many people will speak of being Spiritual. Personally I believe that definition if you can really define God is more appropriate. Maybe I misinterpreted this mans intention. However, I still do not have the personal faith/belief neutralizing chemtrails is possible. Most people believe Ctrails are harmless.. Hopefully optimism will work? Let’s see if optimism clears the man-mad(e) radiation? Love=respect!

  5. gambara29

    @Jerrodswmhr you obviously don’t get what he is saying or his ideology. he says you have the power to change what the chem trails are that we are divine beings that choice to live how we want. bless the chem trails and make them non poison and toxins just by thought. research before you assume. and if you still think he is crazy because of his ideology. gimme one religion that makes any more sense than that.

  6. HordakTheGreat

    So if somebody wants to stab you with a knife what are you going to do? Will you send him love and bless his knife and let him murder you? Or will you defend yourself?
    In my opinion this guy is either a coward or he is working for the enemy. In this video he is not only asking for your consent to be poisened but you are also supposed to bless the poison. You will not get my consent bro. And I have no love for chemtrails, the people who are spraying them or the people funding this operation.

  7. Jerrodswmhr

    Good for you!

    Now look at the soil and water samples they display in the movie “What in the World are they Spraying?”

    Morgellon’s disease, virus, bacteria, dead blood cells etc are all included in the toxic soup!

    When the bees, bats and other eco-sensitive creatures are totally gone then it WILL be to late!

    These creatures have no voice they simply die… and that outcome is devastating to us all.

  8. celebrating108

    @Jerrodswmhr The beauty I see is greater than the manmade haze… and all of Nature is spirit, not as defenseless as you may think!

    I understand your perspective, and happen to see it from outside of ’cause and effect’… I continue to find that sending love to the skies is way more effective than anything else, and the results are immediate and dramatic!

  9. Jerrodswmhr

    This guy lives in lala land! You can’t see the TRUE joy and beauty the ctrails obscure it.
    The poison and toxins permeate the environment. What about the trees, animals, birds, bees, soil etc that have no conscious defense??? Hello!

    Wake up the F–k Up!!!

  10. celebrating108

    @stopchemtrails There are many paths of action; we are each inspired to act according to our guidance… Some are inspired to raise awareness, some are inspired to protest, some pursue the political path.

    Me, I am continually guided to champion the power of love to transform our physical reality as well as our hearts. I find Love to be the most powerful force in creation, and feel it is the most effective contribution I can offer!

  11. stopchemtrails

    This is a major cop out, if one truly loves, they don’t just stick their head in the sand. Maybe you should send this video to the pilots, private corporations and backers, scientists, politicians, military and UN crakheads who endorse, fund and carry out the geoengineering programs.

  12. stopchemtrails

    Oh dear. Yes, I am choosing to be alive, and for the intended time I was meant to be on this planet, along with wanting my kids to live long on for generations, with out chemically induced cancers and diseases at the hand of the UN!

  13. Mrchrispy420

    The only way to consistently maintain a lie(i.e.-‘chem’-trails) is to refuse point-blank to publish ALL the findings of a study, but to cherry-pick the bits which are consistent with the ongoing lie, while ignoring the rest. :-)

  14. OrgoneHawker

    @abre01 Love is the answer, yes indeed! Chemtrails are real, though… but we have love, of course, AND orgonite. Look it up! It works! Look up Wilhelm Reich, and then look up Don and Carol Croft. <3 )))

  15. bennystropical

    Beautiful video
    I really like it. :) Great job!
    Thank you for sharing with me

    Have a wonderful Thursday

  16. celebrating108

    @Judy101101 It is crazy thinking of the finite mind to interpret that I am saying I support people killing each other… Judy, there is much beauty and pain in the world, but its ALL held in God’s/Creator’s hands, so in the end, all’s well. Bless you…

  17. celebrating108

    @Agui007 keeping the light high is easy when we focus on beauty… hence this channel – to highlight the beauty in the world!


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