Hidden Message???(UFOs, 2011)

I think that these objects are trying to tell us something, but what could it be? Any ideas…. Filmed January 31, 2011 at 4:04 PM in the Bronx, NY…The same day that countless planes sprayed us chemtrails all day long and a day before the MONSTER STORM. I do believe that these beautiful objects are here for a purpose!

25 thoughts on “Hidden Message???(UFOs, 2011)

  1. ufozmankato

    @bigmikey1979 You got it right on the money…….seems like alotta people wanna snuggle up with these critters…….the hell with that….

  2. bigmikey1979

    those are not planes spraying the chemtrails, it is the demonic greys . they hologram as planes in their orb/ufo/entity tranport craft to poison us. wake up please as you are being deceived. see videos by fakeplane and spacecowboy1954 on nazitube searchbar.

  3. fantassy40

    Maybe you was abducted as a child and had an Implant put in your brain like many have found out after X-Rays maybe that is why you know they are near!! great video

  4. SV438384

    it would be interesting to make a map of their orbiting and positioning, maybe then it would be more clear is it planetary, molecular or atomic message, but it’s so beautiful!

  5. tactrdfreak

    I think they were trying to tell us they were a little late flying south for the winter………

  6. mibuan

    thank you for sharing all this stuff!!
    i recently had an ufo sighting, i watched an orange sphere, i didn’t know that is a kind of ufo at that moment, but looking in the internet i realized that many many people saw similar ufos. I think people is waking up…i hope so!

  7. bradct65

    hey eve excellent shooting once again well done keep it up peace to everyone selamat ja sirian for be in joy your friend brad

  8. aaroniouse

    I saw something very similar to this in Eugene, Oregon about 18 years ago or so, but the sky was darker, and it looked like there was some kind of star-wars battle going on in front of my eyes. Thanks for this great video!

  9. nnwii

    I have seen them (sporadically) for the past two years in California (the Bay Area). I will get messages as clear as, “Hey, Come here!”… I feel that they are somehow directly related to the ancient Meso-Americans and their sacred Quetzal bird…. Is it okay to put a link to your video on my blog? (You have a particularly good video, here…)

  10. 83lespaul

    @ever2020 Ha! I know the feeling… I have a slight dystonic tremmor in my right hand. When I film anything it looks like a earthquake scene from a 70’s movie.

  11. ozzysab

    interesting you talk about strange dreams, for as long as I can remember I have dreamed about ufos, cool vid not checked your page for a while

  12. tloco28

    What are they trying to say? How about Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary…they’re balloons reflecting in the sun!
    BTW I’m not a disbeliever of extra terrestrial life…but this is weak evidence.


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