Horizon – GLOBAL DIMMING Documentary – Pt1 – chemtrails / contrails

Propaganda This entire documentary is about chemtrails – it even shows satellite imagery of chemtrails, but still calls them contrails. Why would they keep the aerosol spraying ops secret unless they would be unpopular with the public at large? The aim of this programme as far as I can see is to precondition the public to see massive chemtrails being sprayed in the sky above their heads, and think of this show’s version of reality. Despite the first seconds of the opening scene clearly capturing a chemtrail in the shot. A case of the guilty child running to teacher to credibly tell their version of events first, despite the Obama administration talking about the need to spray particles into the ionosphere to quell global warming, despite the effect of this being an increased temperature.. rant rant Search ‘hr2977’ thats HR2977 if your in any doubt as to whether chemtrails exist, or are dangerous. infowars.com

25 thoughts on “Horizon – GLOBAL DIMMING Documentary – Pt1 – chemtrails / contrails

  1. shadyfridge

    how can this guy think that doing one study on the climate without repeats is enough to say its true? ……..

  2. dhamilton707

    @dhamilton707 Also, I’d like to add that if not global dimming, who or what is responsible for the destruction of ecosystems and the environment in general if not humans. Chemtrails are a small fraction of the many activities that we take part in which contributes to us not giving two shits about the mess we make in the process. This is more than the chemtrails we leave behind, but about also the well being of a beat up planet we no doubt will leave to future generations unless changes are made.

  3. dhamilton707

    Sorry to the person who uploaded this video, but I came away with much more than “chemtrails” and sincerely hope you were able to take away more than what was mentioned in the first 5-10 mins of this documentary. The concept of global dimming is very important for us to understand and I would consider the facts and ideas talked about during the documentary to be far from propaganda. Much damage has been done already, you simply have to go out and see for yourself.

  4. mrbob25030

    when all of thease stupid people wake up with no food or warter because oboma and the cemtrails ,we can just tell them it is not real it is just warter vapor.

  5. sssssjjjj1

    hahahahaa. they called that a vapor trail. hahahahahhaa. How dumb do they think we are. Apparently we are dumb but cheeeeeeeze. The greedy have gone wild.

  6. chotaboy66

    @QuantumQuacks Quote NOAA.

    The current atmospheric concentration is ~1.77 ppmv, and there? is no scientific consensus on why methane has? NOT risen much since around 1990 ?
    Potholer54 mixes truth with BS , The guy claims there are 2 types of scientists the skeptic a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. & the proponent which is only an advocate of BS settled science.
    All scientists are skeptics they wouldn’t be scientists if they weren’t

  7. QuantumQuacks

    @chotaboy66 You must be ignorant too. It doesn’t matter which greenhouse gas is bigger by volume in our atmosphere. CO2 is much more potent than water vapour. Methane is even a more stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide or dihydrogen monoxide.

    And two. Historical CO2 levels don’t matter. Global climate depends on many factors: solar output, angle of Earth, position of continents, ocean circulation and many other factors. Search for Potholer54 and learn from him about Climate Change.

  8. QuantumQuacks

    Lol, chemtrails. Anyone that can’t comprehend what happens with water vapour after it enters a Rolls-Royce jet engine, should study physics and chemistry more often. I used to believe everything that conspiracy the(rr)orists said, but then I read some real science and you should too. There are no chemtrails. Just contrails. That’s it. Speak with airline pilots. They can explain you what contrails are.

  9. QuantumQuacks

    @wearechangenorwich You must be ignorant. Why do you think that contrails stretch for thousands of kilometers? Planes aren’t cars that would fly just for few kilometers and then land, you fool! What you see are transcontinental flights. And contrails don’t grow. They’re dispersed by the wind. Fire up some paper and then blow the smoke, simulate wind and observe. What do you see? The smoke is dispersed, right? That’s the same effect with contrails.


    You mumbo jumbo does not address the increasing heat here and in other cities. Cooling no National Wrestling Organization required. If I believed in some omni present NWO I sure would’nt bother making youtube videos. The planet for the first time in many places has the population learning by demand. This “overload” of data is a shock but the world has always had ruthless people. Jones is a Beck drama actor, I only cover what I see. Pinatubo? the sun heats ocean, Co2 increases fast.

  11. HiPointMan

    @STEVEDIGIBOYtv doesnt matter if you sell anything or ven if he does you both believe in NWO you both believe in CHEMTRAILS you both believe you both believe gore is out for profit. so i call em as i see em. and the biggest output of co2 is VOLCANOS our plnet has been cooling lol and hasnt even moved in past 15 yrs and has only up .05 dg in over 150 yrs. and the output from SOME jets are aresol spray and chemicles. barium alluminum titanium sterilizing agents.


    Like what, it is getting hotter each year in Vancouver? Dude I don’t sell gold the product of a thousands of indentured servants/slaves/or jacked 3rd world countries. I don’t sell water from chem air machines, y2k panic food stocks you can buy anywhere or that you should hate whole institutions of government creating polarized society. Think about it, I want to know what the blatant jet cloud spraying is for it sucks and pollutes.


    HAARP: ? patent number 4,686,605
    Silent Sound Spread Spectrum: patent number 5,159,703

    “An innovative technique for generating a three dimensional holographic display using strontium barium niobate (SBN) is discussed. The resultant image is a hologram that can be viewed in real time over a wide perspective or field of view (FOV). The holographic image is free from system-induced aberrations and has a uniform, high quality over the entire FOV”

    = Project Bluebeam


    You should have been taking UV readings over the last few years instaed of listening perhaps to “water from Chem-air” “Gold from slave mines” & “solar back-ups under chem skies” Alex Jones? LOL! panic master propaganda?
    The sun producing Co2 off oceans, methane & sea level are our biggest enemies no remorse no prevention makes the NWO look like the National Wrestling Organization imo. We will see, Gore is just an tax opportunist sure but they may know it’s already run-away.

  15. wearechangenorwich

    This is a show about chemtrails, not contrails. Any fool knows a contrail doesn’t stretch across entire continents for thousands of miles, lasting many hours, growing rather than shrinking! Hence hr2977

    It doesn’t refute global warming, it points out that the chemtrails create the effect of global warming. Which is odd, given that so many, including john holdren tell us that spraying chemicals into the ionosphere would create a cooling effect. Thus, it is propaganda, despite its half truths.

  16. brucepeter2007

    DARE you watch all 5 parts of this video…

    A shame only this page gets the hits as a lot of the information is lost – Horizon is always factual so take time to see them all.

  17. mooners40


    this will explain to everyone the lie of CO2 being the cause of global warming etc

    share it

    chemtrails and the like are trying to keep us dumbed down

  18. wearechangenorwich

    exposed to a mainstream audience..?
    This was aired two days ago on the history channel in case you didnt see it, its on the subject of ‘weather warfare’ – chemtrails & haarp:




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