How Many People Know About Chemtrails?

I decided to walk around downtown and take a survey to answer this question. Of 25 people I interviewed, only one had previously noticed spraying. Definitely, we need to spread more awareness because people are unlikely to notice on their own.

25 thoughts on “How Many People Know About Chemtrails?

  1. michaelbarile

    The logistics of a massive spraying program would be an order of magnitude higher than the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Moon Landing, or the Vietnam War. Every characteristic of chemtrails can be just as logically and rationally explained by normal contrails under normal (but differentiating) atmospheric conditions.

  2. michaelbarile

    In order to have the massive worldwide spraying that the chemtrail-protagonists talk about would require thousands of aircraft, flying 24/7 shifts, with the additional support infrastructure, a bazillion pilots and ground crew, and the combined efforts of every employee at Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and even Airbus Industry…. Cool videos though

  3. meanoboy

    Read this ask yourself if you fit this. This definition can go for both the believers and disbelievers.

    confirmation bias: This refers to a form? of selective thinking that focuses on evidence that supports what believers already believe while ignoring evidence that refutes their beliefs.

  4. rochroch2012

    @Snowboardbb86 “All these conspiracy theories cant be true.. otherwise, god damn”
    are you suggesting that these ‘consipracy theories’ can’t be true because its unbeleivable in the sense “how could anyone do that” or as in “its completely impossible” ? I dont overstand what your trying to say…

  5. GregOrca

    NO, contrails are water ICE. NOT water vapor. Water vapor is an INVISIBLE gas. NO-ONE can see water vapor. Contrails form in conditions of high relative humidity. ie 75 to OVER 100% relative humidity. That means the atmosphere ALREADY contains MOST of the water that is visible in a contrail. The plane and its nucleating soot makes the water ALREADY in the sky visible. Get it? Trails can persist at the same altitude due to EQUILIBRIUM. LEARN about it. That is how ALL clouds? stay UP.

  6. GregOrca

    I have already sent you a large amount of scientific documentation.
    It might be a good idea if you read it carefully first since I can see you have some major misunderstandings of the very basic aspects of atmospheric physics & general chemistry fundamentals.

    For example I can tell you do not understand that most of the visible material in a contrail does NOT come from the plane.
    It is ALREADY in the sky.
    NONE of that white cloud was in the bowl.
    Do you get it?

  7. eslake

    @GregOrca I’m not assigning Any “Limit” I asked you to provide something that breaks that value.

    Contrails are carbon and water vapor, which rapidly disperse in the atmosphere, even under Freezing temperatures, the ice particles spread out in the same fashion as cloud formations. Watch these “ice” trails in the clouds. The Clouds spread, disperse, reform.. all while the trail remains Comparatively Stationary.

    So, if it is simply particulate ice as the clouds, why such different behavior?

  8. GregOrca

    Dude, what you actually need is to understand reality.
    You are grasping at straws.
    You are trying to push the idea that contrails can’t last for more than 3 minutes based on an arbitrary time limit invented by Hoaxers.
    Your claim has ZERO scientific basis. There is not a single scientific principle that puts such a time limit on the persistence of ice in the sky.
    Cirrus clouds are Ice.
    Tell us they can only last 3 minutes.
    SNOW is ice
    Tell us it can’t last longer than 3 minutes

  9. eslake

    @GregOrca I will allow for that – but even photographs work. We only need 3 things. A reasonably large visual range, a distant plane but near enough that the class can be determined, and a trail.
    The class gives us the typical airspeed, from which we can determine the duration of the trail across the visual dome.

    Your image link is of time-lapse photography.. irrelevant to the point.
    You will be hard pressed to find a pre-85 image of a full-sky length trail from even a Near plane.

  10. GregOrca



    How many home video cameras wielded by ignorant morons do you think existed prior to 1985?
    Prior to the 80s people tended to use film cameras and a normal film reel did not generally run for longer than 3 minutes.
    Anyone interested in contrail formation tended to use still photography like this famous photo by Ansel Adams from 1953

  11. GregOrca


    “The spreading of jet contrails into extensive? cirrus sheets is a familiar sight. Often, when persistent contrails exist from 25,000 to 40,000 ft, several long contrails increase in number and gradually merge into an almost solid interlaced sheet.”?

    ?from Peter Kuhn,” Airborne Observations of Contrail Effects on the Thermal Radiation Budget” published 1970.?
    ?Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Volume 27, Issue 6 (September 1970)

  12. GregOrca



    From 1969 “It is certain that many occasions-30 to 40 days a year, say, the cause of cirrus cloud cover is contrails. This cloud cover can take in a substantial part of a continent half the US”

  13. GregOrca

    HUNDREDS of scientific papers document the fact that NORMAL contrails can last for hours.
    You want contrail film reference?
    Spartacus, Patton, Back to the Future, Blazing Saddles, Straw Dogs, Mad Max (roadwarrior) Deathrace 2000, Battle of Britain, Raising Arizona, the Right Stuff, Maverick, Spaceballs, Top Gun, Cheyenne Autumn, Zulu, Gettysburg, Gunsmoke, Shogun, Ben Hur (chariot race) , The railway children.The Italian Job, Crocodile Dundee, Ten Commandments Gunsmoke, Bonanza

  14. GregOrca


    No. there are no tests that show anything other than water ice crystals in the trails in the sky.
    In- Situ DIRECT sampling of trails has been conducted hundreds of times and proves beyond any doubt the trails are ICE.
    ALL passenger jets, 85,000 PER DAY pressurise their cabins with the air directly outside them. The air is taken DIRECTLY from the air that is full of trails yet NO cabin pressurisation systems fill with aluminium and strontium nor is it even detected!

  15. eslake

    @GregOrca Try again – I said “about the same” not identical.
    And yes, we have demonstrated through statis frequency air quality samples that when planes pass over and leave a Persistent trail, in the following several hours, aluminum and strontium are present and at full hazard levels.

    Lapse Rate? Feel free to provide ANY video source that shows a contrail lasting more than 3 minutes PRIOR to 1985.

  16. GregOrca

    Planes do not fly at the same altitude. Flight separation rules ensures that they are at different altitudes by multiples of 1000ft.
    Why do you not know that? It is basic aviation.
    If you have done ANY research you should know EXACTLY what “lapse rate” is and why it explains what you have described.
    No, the presence of the trails has no correlation to Aluminium because the planes do not release any aluminium or strontium.

  17. astrophonix

    I reckon that goverments invent these ridiculous conspiracy theories to ensnare the most ignorant, credulous and gullible people as a red herring to distract them from the very real but ordinary shit they’re doing and discredit those stupid enough to actually believe this tripe, poisoning th well for all those who oppose the authorities. Add to that most ‘truthers’ are paranoid skunk smokers and that just about wraps this whole scam up. Government = professional liars, truthers = amateur liars.

  18. eslake

    @GregOrca Sure, they don’t exist.
    After all, 2 jets flying over on the same day at about the same altitude can have 2 “Contrails” of which, one fades after about 90 seconds, and the other stays in place for the rest of the day and into the night… right?

    And the fact that we can Demonstrate that the presence of these trails coincides with Increased levels of aluminum and strontium is irrelevant.. right?

    Maybe you should claiming others are ignorant while demonstrating your own.

  19. Legionoftruthers


    What if, instead of interviewing you fellow village idiots, you went to Montreal airport and interviewed airline pilots!
    What a great video that would make.
    The pilots who are all Intelligent people educated in aviation science and meteorology demonstrating on camera that you are a delusional crank.

  20. Legionoftruthers


    Yes, people are waking up to the fact that chemtrails are a hoax and that the trails idiots call “chemtrails” are just normal contrails no different to those documented over 60 years ago


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