How much proof do we need? Don’t worry, I got it! Chemical disaster!(1-19-2012)

This whole cloud was made by airplanes/orbs this morning … it moved in front of the sun & low and behold the truth revealed !!!! Take action now!! It is now or never people… Use this knowledge as power & help change the progress of mankind down a more heart filled path. We have power if we stand together in this moral conflict. Filmed at about 10:00 am in Livermore ,CO on 1-19-2012 Much love to all

25 thoughts on “How much proof do we need? Don’t worry, I got it! Chemical disaster!(1-19-2012)

  1. iondetox

    All my friends here agreed to and said what he’s filming here is most definitely not Northern Lights..? Good work Shroomery.. damg good work. I just thought the sun flared to prove us right.. see how things work out for us who tell the truth ! haha

  2. iondetox

    Oh did you see the news. we just had the biggest northern lights since 2005 and no one filmed it during the day only at night watch this

    Solar Storm Makes for European Light Show

    Where’s what’s his name now… he was talking about a solar flare well just for reference does this look anything like what’s in that video.. who’s the dumb shit? Now.. that was five days ago he called me a look how the sun helped me out and proved I was right. Thank you so much SUN? thumbs up

  3. Bamagiotis

    @ChemtrailsBelgium we need to make those bastards drink all the shit they are spraying and then see what happens….i hope these guys accepting these orders die awfully and their fucking families? if they are aware of their job.

  4. mythtree

    how macabre…making death look beautiful…
    like the rocket trails in the 70’s used to make the most stunning sunsets. didn’t know they made us sick. now they blanket us daily. no wonder everyone’s getting cancer &? alzheimers &… all kinds of wierd stuf.

  5. SMIshroomery321

    @iondetox I think it is everywhere… people from all over the planet have been telling me they are starting to see the same thing daily almost. Something big? is gonna happen,but remember the technology & possibility of deception. We are not supposed see it coming.

  6. ChemTrailSkys

    Everything is Normal here folks…You can go back to your Paris Hilton buys a new purse video! Don’t forget your Bird/Swine Flu shot!? Also, next month is Lukemia Season…

  7. iondetox

    WOW… WOW … WOW.. I bet your fixing have an earthquake… I just hope it kills? Bill Gates who helping to fund this shit…. bastard.. Good work man…

  8. SMIshroomery321

    @roseinthepines No doubt … I have noticed the sun being lower on the horizon helps to see how bad it is … but I can take? these all day … it is really creepy. It won;t be long now.

  9. roseinthepines

    Messed up sky…I thought mine was bad. Of course, sometimes what? you CAN’T see can kill you just as quick :-(. Great capture. I’d like a meteorologist explain why you get this SO often…in nature it isn’t that common.

  10. ChemtrailsBelgium

    @SMIshroomery321 Plasma particles & nanotech metals indeed. Then sunlight refracts on the particles and gives the colors. seems pretty real to me (=not a hologram). Yes i know its possible but that doesnt mean it is now.
    I hate? to say it but this is probably some kind off experiment. the colors are so extreme.. this is a rare and never saw that here in belgium.

  11. orbstats

    You have an ORB in the far left top roof of video. I made a video Sun Ship, check it out. I took pictures of the Sun, and the sun was no longer? the sun. You have wonderful pictures keep it up. -orbstats

  12. SMIshroomery321

    @ChemtrailsBelgium? Plasma particles & nanotech metals… It looks so much like a hologram. Add some microwaves & presto


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