How to win every chemtrail debate

This is a extensive look at many types of chemtrails , everyone should at least look up the documentary by George Barnes called ( Look Up ) and download his …

24 thoughts on “How to win every chemtrail debate

  1. annebeck58

    Hey, Dana; ? MissyMellonhead (whatever, the idiot trying to post here) IS another channel of Koertje, Wackadoodle jack, etc.. It’s all the same crap. And it followed me here as it is desperate for any attention from me.
    What a fool. I do not speak to it, at all.

  2. koertje

    Ah? poor soul, you’d better not breed children.
    Its even a mystery that yur still alive.
    Or it cant take long till you die, maybe today.

  3. BeautifulGirlByDana

    Peer review studies in this video show they engineered the nutrients out of GM , GMO , GE , food and engineered 5 toxins into the DNA? of our food , its the opposite of what food is , its like eating cardboard dipped in poison .

  4. annebeck58

    I forgot to say; I love your new program, travels around the world with Dana! (that is what I think of it, anyhow)/ It’s funny.
    MY fave was the NYC screen= should? have been THE 911 video background, for sure.

  5. annebeck58

    You are right Dana; yust a yob.
    How I wish more people would consider what they are doing, and why, and that they would stand up and STOP IT!

    It is? probably impossible to even get non-gmo products.., produce. I am careful of what I buy (shopping the outer aisles– which means dairy and poultry and vegies) but I really think I am still getting everything GMO.
    And I do not know how to not buy that crap.

  6. annebeck58

    Uhmmm. That IS because they WERE.
    Jews were deloused when they moved from camp to camp. It was actually in an effort to keep them ALIVE. Now, if Hitler wanted them all dead, why on earth would he build camps for them? Why? spend all of that money and labor to make railroads?
    WHY do people not think, rationally, about what REALLY HAPPENED in WWII? Because we are told lies, repeatedly, brainwashing the whole world.
    Seriously; think about all of that (more are, most don’t, sadly.)

  7. MsMolleboon

    Yes Dana is great.
    Its nice to be in the conspiracy religion.
    All join the club and pray 5 x a day to the Holy Chemtrail.?

  8. jason roggasch

    I live in Alaska and we have been chem trailed regularly. Its easy too see but people always have an? excuse to make themselves feel better.

  9. BeautifulGirlByDana

    Agreed ! and her app is super cool ,its popular for people flying and it creates all the right questions of why atmospheric aerosol flights are not passenger flights or even registered they don,t exist ,this is a big deal for sure, now we can considered atmospheric aerosol flights? true UFOs in the tags hahaha i love it . Take care

  10. rongrite

    Yes, i know the phone app worked differently, then the app in your video.?

    Why couldn’t a phone do that? It knows where its GPS are, just show it North, and picture the plane flying overhead. There should be public flight information for every plane in the sky above.

  11. BeautifulGirlByDana

    She knows her stuff , great lady , but she doesn,t mention anything? about what we talked about , like i said no phone could do that anyway soooo , too much sun ? hehe , take care

  12. rongrite

    It was on a 108morris108 video where he interviewed a lady in London, who explained? the app.
    it was a couple of months back, i will see if i can find it.

  13. BeautifulGirlByDana

    thanks , but? where did you get a app can tell the flight number of an overhead plane from ?? i said the app sends the time, date, geo locations and picture of a plane spraying to the local sources , i never said anything about a app registering or identifying the planes numbers , i can,t even imagine a phone doing that , so how did you come up with that ?

  14. rongrite

    Wow world wide!
    There is some phone app, that? can tell the flight number of an overhead plane.
    The chem-trailing planes don’t register on the app.

    You’re looking younger.
    Have you been watching my Rick Simpson videos?

  15. Tomteeejay

    Your experience is exactly how aviation? can be misinterpreted. For example vortex generated by the air frame and appendages itself.


    What it looks like from the inside.


    ‘Vortex Formation around the plane’




    Can you see how for example vortex can be misinterpreted?

    This guy certainly misinterprets vortex.


  16. julanenova

    Really great video Dana … very informative w lots of credible backing.
    Last year while taking off from American? airport, that they were spraying something from the wings. It was a white trail .. so definitely the planes are rigged with nozzles to spray something. I had never seen it in previous flights over many years except for three years ago .. a very thin stream .. wasn’t sure what to make of it.
    Thanks for posting this .. I’m sending the link to several people. Take care .. julane.

  17. CyberDruidtheModGod

    The people who made Zyklon B thought they were making bug powder. Or convinced? themselves that they were…


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