Huge monster chemtrail today nov-7-2010-7.15 am

I woke up kind of early this morning,but they were working in the sky already.Monster ct and stopping spray.Gotcha.

10 thoughts on “Huge monster chemtrail today nov-7-2010-7.15 am

  1. hondain

    today started the first chem trails in my area in while.
    pretty heavy and they seem to know where to place them, because
    they do it in advance so they drift together crossed to go directly into the sun.
    im not seeing any jets, just the trails have been non stop drifting across my sky.

  2. LibranEsq

    Great video: nice close up of the jets…can we see the trails Please? and where in the world is this? Keep filming..we’ll keep watching Great job

  3. hondain

    kind of looked like it could have been a UFO. none the less wow, that was the strangest trail i have seen so far. some thing must be going on on your side of the planet, stay safe my friend.

  4. CosmicDramaQueen

    Do you think that these planes are real? OR are you getting the feeling that they are “fake Plane” UFOs? Just curious!


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