Hyper Massive Chemtrail activity over Alps, Feb 2012

I filmed the morning, a Massive chemtrail activity, the same morning as my other video: www.youtube.com Yes, that day was not a normal day for the sky .. :-O More than 20 chemtrails in the sky, filmed from a chairlift. I was skiing, fortunately, I always have my camcorder with me. :-) I think this area is a kind of passage for the planes…But the next morning, NOTHING happened. No plane. ?? Was it a special day for the planes? Ten minutes later I recorded, I took a photo which is, I think, the most amazing of my life. I’m sure there was some UFO / orb activity in those chemtrails. Tell me what you think please. ‘-‘ Notice that at 0:54, on the upper left corner you can see a UFO (light). Filmed by me in the Alps, France, Feburary 2012. Subscribe please, it will help me to make more! www.youtube.com Visit my channel : www.youtube.com ** Warning ** All non-allowed re-uploads of my video will be reported! Thanks! “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” ============= PEACE & LIGHT =============

25 thoughts on “Hyper Massive Chemtrail activity over Alps, Feb 2012

  1. david292978

    you wana? do something? fuck man i wana do something so bad but i cant and hence suffer from psychotic depression. god help the fuckin world. i dont enjoy anything ‘kuz everything around me is either totally corrupt or ignorant beyond repair. FUCK! what pisses me is that those ignorant fucks are somehow managing to lead happy lifestyles disregarding how blinded they are. why the fuck do i gotta suffer despite knowing whats really going on in this planet.

  2. veganprincess01

    Have you signed the petition at change.org “Demand a public investigation of chemtrail spraying”? Please? do and? pass on

  3. occupythetruth2012

    i want to doooooooooooooooooooooo something…. i? am getting crazy by not doing anything… oooooooooohhhhhhhh goddddd let us see your j/day

  4. MegaFreddyperez

    This is Amazing and very disturbing because in Chicago we rarely see Chemtrails. I notice them and I never see or hear? anybody saying anything about these. Im quite aware and its scary to see innocent people not aware of whats going on. War and Chemtrails go hand in hand, its population control. Cancer is running rampant and we have Robots on Mars?…lol

  5. normanwarrior1

    why they dont said the truth,we do this because ect ect…what it’s all about??Why they want us? to worry…why???Dont we have allready a lots of problems.Same in the UK.

  6. WTFflow

    Yes, have a look at this video “Pilot Films Plane Spraying? Chemtrails”
    it’s the first result of the page.
    And go at 42 seconds. It’s exactly what I mean.

  7. Kruizlinx

    You mean they flip the on/off button? I’ve seen some with? a gap,but most are just full trails, why? if you start looking in to it, you’re prob a die-hard already:P i always find myself ending my search in the secret society, alien, religious part, so it’s hard to sum up the facts but my guess depopulation, georgia guidestones, Agenda 21 etc.
    It’s weird stuff and ppl find it hard to believe, and the subject is so wide it’s hard to link it all together,
    Anyway best of luck man, ty for the info

  8. WTFflow

    yes, they say that it’s natural, so why are trey spraying like that. Notice that sometimes the reactors stop spraying and restart, etc… ???

  9. Kruizlinx

    Had bbq with some friends today, saw 16? planes in about 1 hour passing over our heads, with trails from horizon to horizon.
    Called the ministry of enviorment a few days ago to complain about the activity, they said nothing to worry about, totaly natural, it was the hight of the planes with the wind speeds on that altitude that makes the ”con”trails grow bigger and more visible…..total proof that almost every goverment isn’t there for the people, but against the people!!!

  10. yourjudgeandjury

    That’s alot. It’s also what the? sky will be filled with when nuclear war breaks out….right before you go blind and die.

  11. 69Sirdragon

    they have an act to do this? this bullshit is legislated!!! change title to CRAZY GOVERNMENT CHEM TRAILS call it for what it is!


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