ILLUMINATI a myth ? PT 5 Chemtrails and UFO Hacker PT 5 Chemtrails and UFO Hacker documenatary proof gary mckinnon cnn secret weapons 2010 new world order freemasons david cameron barrack obama dead birds dead bees

7 thoughts on “ILLUMINATI a myth ? PT 5 Chemtrails and UFO Hacker

  1. usd25674

    @maximusTLP Yep I have noticed that. The same thoughts have ran through my mind. We may expire from apathy overdose.

  2. maximusTLP

    @sheikhmanni Yep 900 views for this but like 10 million views for a freaking music video. We’re screwed

  3. sheikhmanni

    Do not be surprised by the views , the TRUTH is a hard pill to swallow . You have affirmed or informed at least 531 people .

    Again, good videos , thanks a lot .

  4. RetroFishman

    Good work. I need to chill on this stuff. I act like an idiot in public most of the times lately.


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