Illuminati Chemtrail Olympics. 2012.

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25 thoughts on “Illuminati Chemtrail Olympics. 2012.

  1. sawsher99

    They are just spraying? watee vapour.. Testing how many ppl would realise speak out etc. one day they will spray the real stuff. Mass murder in a day or two

  2. LibranEsq

    hit it with some vinegar….evaporate as much as you can…..the enemy, my dear, has found you out cause of this channel and is targeting your location…The Trailers Watch ChemTrails Videos on YouTube …hit this shit with bowlful of white vinegar and watch? that hideosu trail dissolve away …best of luck…great vids..Love from NYC ~ Bry

  3. jamnoise72

    Most of the News cahnnels use? it too! I have noticed. Bastards got their symbols all over the place!

  4. vidsee

    The original Freemasonry? is York Rite. The bastardised false Masonry is Scottish Rite started in France and the predomint form in the USA. It is the core of the NWO. The White on Blue is now everywhere. Look at every backdrop when politicians speak. Look at the number of company logos that are now White on Blue.

  5. jamnoise72

    Yes I have thought that before, about the scottish flag. Check out the thumbnail for my video ‘WTF You Spraying And Why?? Sick Of Chemtrails… ‘
    ‘Cameron’ is an original freemason name!!

  6. vidsee

    LOL! It is NLP tho’. Anyway good video. Here’s an interesting fact. The NWO colours are Scottish Rite White on Blue. White on blue of the Scottish flag supposedly came? from a white CLOUD in the shape of a cross before the Battle of Rosslyn 1303.

  7. jamnoise72

    My neighbours were playing actually,, lol

    What a? pointless comment you made looooool how can you compare that to NLP lmao

  8. vidsee

    The other health hazard is the mindnumbing syntho-pap music being pumped out of the? kind you were playing. Neurolinguistic programming.

  9. TheXFactorisShite

    woke up thursday morning 6.30 am with 2 visible chemtrails in blatant cloudy haarpy sky. The birds in my garden were? virtually silent whilst there In your face geo- engineering experiment was taking place .This is happening alot in Portsmouth especially early morning.The variation in the amount of chemtrail being sprayed forms less obvious man made clouds.( this fools the unsuspecting public) Real clouds move whilst these chem clouds slowly fan out and drift as they spread out .

  10. jamnoise72

    We are hosting something….sure don’t feel like a celebration. Just feels like our open prison just got put on lock down. London is off key right now. Military everywhere!! Not forgetting? the missiles and LRAD wtf?

  11. lorrietyre

    Are jets not supposed to fly at a higher altitude than normal commercial planes ? Did that commercial plane? fly over the jet ?

  12. 420pilz

    The queen? represents evil at it highest level ! maybe she is trying to change the atmosphere so its better for her type ?

  13. DJCallidus

    I’ve got to start taking my camera out more. They were going MENTAL with it about a week ago. My camera is higher tech than my computer? so I’m wating for an upgrade then I can upload some footage.
    When I saw it I shouted FFS and a few people looked to see what was wrong. I think they though I was a loon. The way the trails had spread out seemed to make the sky strobe.
    I’ve heard about Project Blue Beam, so it does make me wonder.
    Peace & Love

  14. jamnoise72

    I have contacted our local MP. I have also had letters from DEFRA. Which department? is at the bottom? Have you contacted them?

  15. juniorkitty11

    we actually had normal cloud for most of the day yesterday..some mist in the am and of? course the sun cover near of the day i didnt see any chemtrails or weird misty clouds..thanks for share’n..check out my latest vid..trip to the lake


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