ILLUMINATI PROJECT – CHEMTRAIL — David Icke explains “Repeaters” Chemtrails

25 thoughts on “ILLUMINATI PROJECT part 43

  1. theonlymankow1

    Guys! pause at 7:51 and look, the substance fifth down the list is LEAD then pause at 7:55 and look there at 8.9 parts per million, why didnt they mention that?

  2. 636anonymous

    Your freedom is a lie. Your are being taught what is right, what is wrong, what to know, what not to know, what to think, what to not think. You are being taught how to live, how your life should be and what everybody else expects you to find happiness in. Join the Plan, together we are Anonymous. We are the future. whatis-theplan org

  3. orangex2c

    It’s the United Nations doing it. It’s not Army planes. The U.N. is here. They are poisoning us before they go in for the kill. It’ll be an easier take over for mass martial law. No Fear, second revolution. Its time we kick them out.

  4. rivi67

    what if they are chemtrailing to create a suitable atmoshpier for our comming guests? it`s just a thought.
    (i do not stand for elligal government actions and also stand for total disclosure!)
    peace be upon you

  5. Awake4Truth

    If you want to see what bible prophecy says about all this, in all my 15yrs researching NWO/Illuminati and? the Bible I have never came accross anything more informative than this. Look on my channel and watch the DISCOVER PROPHECY SEMINAR on there. Be sure to watch it in order to follow it properly. Enjoy! This was all written over 2500yrs ago in the Bible. It even talks about how the catholic church is the head of the NWO & America is to promote it, written before the either even existed.

  6. shood1943

    @1alpha45 The problem with chemical experimentation of this type is the experimenter may wind up as a victim too.

  7. shood1943

    The problem with these powerful people do not understand is that viruses do not follow orders. This really can backfire. Nature takes orders from no one. It is better to work in harmony with nature.

  8. harmageden

    Once the immune system is undermined enough , then it doesn’t take much to kill a person . All sicknesses & symptoms , worldwide , are relayed to a main data bank . With that information , it would be possible to know when to release a pendemic assault . Whilst working on a cure for hepatitis c in the late 70’s , scientists in America , using monkeys to develop a vaccine , created A.I.D.S , oops , sorry ! Bottom line .. avoid stress ..bad food ..bad water ..anger ..vaccines & unprotected sex !!

  9. harmageden

    01:48 ..arthritic hands …this would probably explain the so – called freemason type handshake . Try shaking someones hand ( very carefully) who has arthritis, and you will get the same reaction . As regards the chemtrails ..yes , this is a blatant disregard for human life , on a big scale . Lets look at in small scale . Do you smoke near someone who doesn’t ? Drive over the speed limit ? Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol ? Pore pollutants down drains ? Feed your child junk food ??

  10. TheShutDown321

    I respect and love all fraternities, bodies,chapters,orders secret
    and public. I don’t know why they mix masonry with any other.
    Though Masonry is one if not THE oldest brotherhoods on the planet.

  11. fatimamovement

    The Illuminati, working for Lucifer, have managed to keep us distracted as they changed the name of the Trinity from Our Lady, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost into the Lord/fire god of Masonry father, Jesuit Jesus (no longer God), and the Holy Spirit (Baphomet). The punishment from HEAVEN IS IMMINENT! ROME WILL BE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF THIS AND ALL AUTHORITY OF THE VATICAN WILL GO TO FATIMA, PORTUGAL- the THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA IS OUT! FATIMAMOVEMENT d o t c o m
    Mark of the Beast=Baphomet baptism

  12. antineo13

    The lady reporting the news (at 9 minutes 30 seconds in the video) states that the government could, up untill 9 years ago, conduct secret testing on Americans. That is not true, the law still allows them to spray us with chemicals. It is laid out in the US CODE. TITLE 50 > CHAPTER 32

    Pay attention to: 1515. Suspension; Presidential authorization

  13. accountatyoutub

    @blastule74 Who freakin defined ANY LEVELS of Barium as “safe” for the people? The government? Why should there be any barium in the first place? ‘safe limits’ of Barium?? wake up man!

  14. CaseofKings

    If you like these videos then click ‘like video’ on them, so more will find out what is happening to us by the sinister elite. I’m so happy I found this information; it’s so true and TERRIBLE.

  15. blastule74

    At 7:55 the reporter says the Barium levels are 3x the safe limit. But he’s reading the chart wrong: it isn’t 6.8 parts per million; its 68 parts per BILLION, well below safe limits. Do some fact-checking before you go too far down the rabbit hole people.
    to be continued…

  16. offertorycardiacml

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