Illuminazi Targets 5 Billion To Die In Death Dumps- Greatest Crime In World History

G Edward Griffin and Anthony J Hilder discuss Chemtrails (aircrap).

25 thoughts on “Illuminazi Targets 5 Billion To Die In Death Dumps- Greatest Crime In World History

  1. WW3Revolution

    From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)
    Transhumanism – Genetic Manipulation – Tom Horn +? Steve Quayle
    Max Igan – Truth Frequency Interview – Jan 14th 2012 – 1/3

  2. Badwolf182

    Hard times ahead. The world is run by psychopaths and by destroying our environment, they destroy theirs – why? bcoz they are satanic and led by Satan himself

    This is very much a? spiritual war on the physical level tho, its the oldest gane of all – good against evil!

  3. Badwolf182

    1. Naval documents 1947 stated that the USA govt will OWN the weather by 2025 (they R ahead of schedule)
    2. by 2040-50 the UN states the world population will have decreased by 5 Billion – one must ask HOW?
    3. UN docs states that “uprisings’ will start from 2012 and will continue to 2040… can be seen with Middle East ‘uprisings” and the “occupy movements”? this too has taken place.

  4. classycynic1

    Evergreen Air International based in Maranara Air Park near Tucson and McMinnville OR. It is a CIA front company? for US chemtrail ops. Delford Smith owns the company. EAI was given a no-contest bid that gave them all the facilities in Marana, that previously belonged to CIA’s Air America (Pinal Air Park, Arizona). EIA can fly anywhere. Their PR spokesman is handled by WPP run by CFR member Philip Lader a director of UC Rusal largest aluminum company and member of CFR. N Rothschild is investor.

  5. classycynic1

    Chemtrail ops have the assistance of? Mitre, a non-profit in CIA home Maclean VA that manages the FAA, HS, and IRS – part of the Federal Reserve.
    Lader’s fellow CFR member and Mitre consultant John Wheeler was dumped into a landfill in Wilmington, DL. imageevent . com / firesat /strangedaysstrangeskies
    Local cities and counties can adopt the Air Purity Act
    Info found at loose-lips-sink-ships-and-747s-too / 33516 / #comment-1909

  6. DrThorpeLee

    Haven’t read one comment to? this video that didn’t make me feel ashamed to be a Human Being living in the current times.

  7. Joerenfrew

    “THEY”,..aka:shadow gov’t ,.are planing to go to? the bunker basement and turning on the remote vacuum cleaner and doing the entire planet. We have to pull the plug.

  8. Jai666666666

    The biggest crime of the century,try kindergarten, then workup to genetic manipulations taught in the Universities.I concluded that in 2015,we’ll see the urgency for global? change and in 2020 we’ll conclude that depopulation may be the last resort.I’d favor vegetarianism, at a global level first; and zero CO2 emissions.By 2020,time may have run out for simpler solutions.Prepare to go out with a BANG,I’d suggest an all out drug binge,LSD,acid, mushrooms and a lot red wine at a five day rave!

  9. zoemagik

    @Oriannubis remember, these chemical were mixed by scientist – I’m sure they would have developed some sort of anti-virus for themselves at the same time? they were formulating this crap

  10. jamesbrownintown

    @JustThaTruth well I wouldn’t depend on him to save? us from this evil like the jews depended on him to save them from the concentration camps. It was a slow and painful death for them

  11. el3usis

    Ron Paul 2012? Get your butts in gear USA. We are all Americans in terms of these crimes against humanity. VIVA LA REVOLUTION?

  12. mranthonyjhilder

    @lydiaappelmans1953 “thousands of? underground bunkers and citry like structures. Micro underground cities around the planet have been made. Bunkers made for the final kickoff.” AJH

  13. strongfoot2009

    This war against the planet earth is causing cancer, asthma, mental problems…..etc . We are paying with our? health for this unjust war . We have too many sick people on this world .


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