By ILLY RAP with lyrics and free mp3 download available. This chilling message depicts just how cold hearted and devoid of decency these malicious global conspirators operate. mp3 download Thanks for supporting my uploads! Verse 1 This is a message to the new world order I knew you poisoned our food and water You Chemtrail our air I been well aware That’s why, I feel compelled to share You put anthrax in the mail to scare The populace; if you don’t stop this shit I swear You wanna tax us for our air And call it carbon emissions You poisoned Hip Hop Now I’m starting the cleansing To begin by throwing out the garbage you dish in So you don’t have to pick which Carter to mention Young Money, will not have a pot to piss in The ROC, can go jump in a lake or pond if we skip them And that’s my word is bond but I’m not a Muslim So what kinda chron is in the bong you hittin Cause puff puff pass dat, to Illy Rap I’mma take a BIG hit Like Puff Dad did hah! Verse 2 You better hear me clearly It’s your tyranny that got my people leery They’re really getting worried The truth is my strength You’ll never see me weary Just look in my eyes, you’ll never see em teary That’s the way I look danger in the face And I don’t discriminate age or race How sweet the sound, like amazing grace Was lost but now am found, and I paved the way For the next generation to save the day And protect a great nation from fading away But this ain’t Dwayne Wade’s jay this ain’t for

25 thoughts on “ILLY RAP – COLD AS ICE

  1. songforamericans

    woe….bad ass vid. BroMan….u-right….

    any still? think you FREE???……free to do anything???….

    free to make a choice this Nov.???….

    how can you choose?…when ALL your Choices have been CHOSEN FOR YOU???….

    so there for we are not free….we have been? enslaved…


  2. R3LL0323

    Im a big Eminem fan but now im starting to see that maybe he didnt stop representing them. He might have truly tried to, but i dont believe he actually? did, but i was really hoping he would. Now that i think about, im not a big fan, not anymore

  3. R3LL0323

    Thanks for sending me this. I never really check my inbox but i decided to check since my soul has been saved. Cant go wrong with positive music and im glad you used the cold as ice beat. Its one of my favorites no matter what the version may be. “Your as cold as ice, Your willing to sacrifice, you never take advice, someday youll pay the price” that is so true and i? know this from personal experience. Always great to see people remove americas blindfold. Keep spreading the positivity. God Bless

  4. aGxpredator

    I cant wait till the illuminati pigs try to? wage war against the public, they will not win that is for sure, we must unite, racism, poverty and prejudice are all barriers we NEED to overcome to be able to win.

  5. irishsupermandx

    illuminati will not win look at the anonymaus there will be a big war? where america will suck every poor basterd in to it when all oil runs out they gonna start a war

  6. XItte90

    I love when rappers got a message in their? songs. Not like some bullshit rapper(50 cent etc) that raps about money,cars,guns,women and how big and G they are(when they are actually fake as fuck), rap is not dead yet, we got our underground rappers left!!

  7. NYC4Eva4654

    I think Illy Rap is non-profit, so I just show my support by spreading the message. I write stellar reviews of his works and share his links any where I can. (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Websites/Radio shows etc.) Just? let it be known that you acknowledge what he is doing and are in support.

  8. eloy54

    illy rap kep it up you will bring change to the? mentallity of the people just dont stop and never let them see you sweat and bring the flame burning within

  9. MC Operário

    I think the main problem is IN the capitalism, i? dont give too much credibility about that thing of “NWO” and “ILLUMINATI”, but you are doing a wonderfull work.



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