Inside the chemtrail tanker. Recorded audio.

Part of a cockpit recording made in 1998. The pilot is clearly having second thoughts and tries to make light of the situation but you can understand why i h…

25 thoughts on “Inside the chemtrail tanker. Recorded audio.

  1. Captain Carl the Chemtrail Pilot

    So a video of a cockpit with dubbed over Brit means proof of chemtrails?
    You have no shame when it comes to lying and misinforming the uneducated.?

  2. All things gaming and animals

    Checked it too. And since when do pilots speak thru gasmasks (or something
    like that) all of a sudden? FAKEDEDIFAKE!!!!!!

  3. Bobby Z

    i checked your link, it’s not the same audio. they don’t say anything even
    close to the same words. the “debunk” proof i’m now going through
    thoroughly seems to be just as flimsy as the “chemtrail” proof.

  4. smashdudez

    Good thing you dont do that anymore, I hope so much that all this stop. Let
    us know what you really think about all this. Where you told not to breath
    the stuff ? what if someone would accidenty breath the stuff ? I kinda
    doubt u really worked there. Those control freak would be on u case right

  5. piggypolice

    What total bull, as 767Captain says this is a Boeing 757, just type
    ”Boeing 757 cockpit” in Google images and compare. The fact that
    ChemtrailsInside couldn’t even identify the aircraft proves he’s never even
    been in the USAF. Other facts to consider, there is no one at the controls
    plus the voice speaking is a British accent. I can’t believe how gullible
    and stupid some people are.

  6. Sp33dyD3m0n

    This video is fucked up, besides all of the other things people have
    pointed out, how about the simple problem that the pilots have nothing to
    do with the release of the chemicals. Their job it to fly, its the guys job
    in the back to turn the valves. Haven’t we all seen the inside by now? Nice
    little table, a few random seats left in place, and huge canisters.

  7. straydog02

    @annie46664 You have no need to apologize to this creep .. He’s a fraud and
    his videos are fake… The cockpit in this video is just a simulation with
    a faked audio track… Notice how there are no pllots onboard? .. If he was
    really a chemtrail jet pilot who flew for the Air Force’s top secret
    Project Clover Leaf, he wouldn’t be blabbing about it on YouTube. He’s the
    one who owes you an apologoy for this sick joke.

  8. straydog02

    @SovereignBeing .. It really pisses me off that idiots like this are
    pulling these kind of stunts… There’s enough disinformation about this
    subject already, without nonsense like this going on.

  9. piggypolice

    @ChemtrailsInside Since both the title and description are total nonsense
    it doesn’t really matter. A. The pilot is British and I can tell by the way
    he’s breathing that he’s wearing a flight helmet and oxygen mask, so almost
    certainly RAF. B. I can tell by what the pilot is saying together with the
    ground proximity warning going off plus the running down of the engines
    that the aircraft is landing. I work at BAE Warton, you may wish to Google
    it, I do know what I’m talking about.

  10. Clean Bodies© Lifestyles

    but if it is 80 degrees on the ground then how cold can it be up there to
    form said ice crystals? Also, if they are crystals, why are they staying in
    full intensity for over 1 hour… riddle me this batman? We know the
    technology is there (crop dusting) and so is the probable cause. Get people
    sick, people buy medicine, BIG PHARMA gets paid continuously…they run the

  11. into777infinity

    @piggypolice This is not just going on in the US so it makes no difference
    if it’s a “british” vocie or not. We REALLY ARE being sprayed it’s been
    going on for a LONG TIME, and i didn’t notice it until 2006. YOU are the
    one that is stupid and gulible if you think the gov isn’t out to harm you,
    your family and all the rest of us. YOU are so naive!


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