Invisible Chemtrail Dispenser Aircraft w/ Valves Shut Off Perth,Wa.

Here is a perfect example of a cloaked aircraft,it is wearing optical armor,which can render an aircraft of any size invisible to the human eye,this is the highly advanced technique being used to seed & alter our skies in Hawaii,to many chem clouds appear out of nowhere with no aircraft in site. This also shows you a REAL contrail behind the cloaked aircraft…see how fast it dissipates within seconds into the cold atmosphere,whereas chem trails linger for hours & hours,they morph out and linger into a white hazy sky cover. the clouds that are to the forefront that are breaking up like cotton balls as well as the long wispy and streaky clouds are also chem cloud fabrications,its obvious to me that this invisible plane in the background is a cloaked chem trail aircraft that has shut off its valves of poisonous aerosolic spray. This is perfect documentation to reveal the reality of invisible chemtrail dispenser aircraft,Hawaii is covered in them..once in a while the military will throw in a blatantly visible chemtrail tanker just to throw off the truthers that are waking up but are still “plane huggers ” and need to step it up about 100 years to the future for this is where the advanced research is being executed from,the mass media has deliberately kept us in the dark at about 2:25 on this video you will begin to see the holographic image of a this cloaked chemtrail dispenser tanker coming into visibility,stop at 3:02 look at the amazing footage of the “holographic” fake

12 thoughts on “Invisible Chemtrail Dispenser Aircraft w/ Valves Shut Off Perth,Wa.

  1. matthew00123

    lots of these in canada…………………… not to mention japan has released xtal vision, invisibility technology. google xtal vision.. ez shills!

    next shill please?

  2. nuckelchen1

    thank you for shareing.thats a heavy example of that what is going on over us.and it is not possible to fake sutch videos.greetz from germany to the brutal maui…

  3. BrutalTruthMediaMaui

    @cgoff87 no dear,you are just trying to make sense in your mind that is struggling for logic,listen,the technology is so far advanced that you couldn’t even fathom,we are fed a dinosaur age tech through the mass medias droid making machine,the government wants you to think that this type of stealth/alien technology where you can actually “cloak” an aircraft w/optical armor to become invisible to the human eye is impossible,actually the military’s been testing invisible aircraft since the 50’s

  4. cgoff87

    Possibly five small aircrafts flying in formation releasing exhaust or possibly some chemical insecticide, also some jets let off vapors because of the moisture that forms from the mixture of cold and hot air. The planes are just a little to small to see with just the naked eye from that altitude though. Thats what I’m thinking…

  5. BrutalTruthMediaMaui

    @b3llefor3va it is a contrail coming out from the jet exhaust,natural contrails only last seconds,at most a minute,if you’ve read differently then its nwo doctored brainwashing,distortion of truth from the highest levels, all? other cloud formations are chermclouds in this video,because the chem trails/clouds linger for hours,these are text book chemical signatures of chemclouds,i am just pointing out that this is a real contrail coming out from the exhaust of this cloaked holographic aircraft

  6. BrutalTruthMediaMaui

    @PatriotTex aumm, i said it was a real contrail & not a chem trail,they linger for hours …but thanks..


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