Ionic footbaths – the chemtrail connection

This informative video explains how ionic footbaths can be used to detox from chemtrails. INDIAN IN THE MACHINE

22 thoughts on “Ionic footbaths – the chemtrail connection

  1. hendosia

    maybe a bloodtest would be more conclusive, because all those metals are
    siting in your feet after and is the reason for not showing up in urine

  2. Michael Horton

    Yes, they will. Our Negative Ion Detox Machine, shown in many of the videos
    on YouTube. does detox the heavy metals and other toxic materials in
    Chemtrails. You can order one at 520-219-2550. We do NOT put them on our
    web site, maxdetox dot com because we do not blowback from the government.

  3. Indianinthemachine

    You’ll have to answer your own questions with research… have to
    honour your own inner voice by following it. I can see you would benefit
    from my words once again…’re welcome. Dieter

  4. BeautyHealthZoneBlog

    World depopulation agenda is not a joke. Unfortunately, most people are too
    busy being entertained to see that they are spraying poison on you and your
    children that is not just altering your DNA, giving you diseases and
    cancer, but sterilising you as well. Live in denial. They didn’t write the
    Georgia Guidestones as a joke or simple landmark to take pictures of.

  5. Enalpekaf

    Chemtrails are not sprayed form Planes These are not Planes but we call
    them Fake Planes, They are infact holographic in nature, they mimic Planes,
    Dont believe me then take the time and check out my videos, I will show you
    these chemtrail planes do shapeshift and are infact holographic there is
    much more going on then you ever could imagine.

  6. GaGirlie777

    Excellent video. This is why there are many videos here on youtube that are
    trying to discredit the use of ionic footbaths. Maybe their roots are from
    the pharmeceutical or other medical professions who will lose a lot of
    money from individuals healing themselves.

  7. Mtown3254

    When you are trying to advertise the already shaky concept of ionic
    footbaths, you probably shouldn’t focus it around mythical “chemtrails”
    that don’t exist. “World Domination Purposes”? This type of world
    domination is something that only exists in cartoons. What good would
    poisoning the world do? Even if you did conquer it, you’d just rule a dying
    planet and you’d probably be dying of cancer as well. …unless you had an
    ionic footbath to take out the toxins, lol

  8. GaGirlie777

    Does an ionic footbath help a person detox from a vaccination? Check out
    this scary video. We may need major detoxification from these.

  9. Indianinthemachine

    Yes it can help vaccination detoxification since many vaccines contain
    mercury, which is attracted out of the body, when negative ions are
    introduced into the body. Good insight, Dieter

  10. Si Brunk

    oK i DID THE ION BATHS 3 TIMES…One thing for sure is when I urinated
    after the bath my urine was very dark and had a bad smell.. this was not
    normal.. I think not only did crap come out of my feet but also came out
    after in my urine. And also each 3 baths I had a different color first bath
    was black-green, second was brown and 3rd was a brownish green.. These
    things do work.. I felt great after and my joint pains and sleep improved

  11. Mtown3254

    Where is your proof? Contrails are basically clouds. Clouds don’t just
    “disperse” like you claim. CHEMICALS are more likely to disperse. What
    would be the point of blocking out the sun anyway? And you’ve “documented”
    it for months? What does that even mean? You’ve just looked at contrails in
    the sky and told people about them?

  12. Oya La

    Shal we take a shorter footbath to create less alluminum release…as
    alluminum really creates a wrathful mood swing when we are eliminating it
    from the body

  13. Indianinthemachine

    And what are you saying exactly? Please consider basic chemistry and
    physics in your answer otherwise you may wish to visit my ionic foot bath

  14. loudthumb

    You can ask forgiveness from God and your body will be purified too. It
    costs nothing and has a much stronger affect because it lasts until you
    fall into a sinful state again.

  15. Mtown3254

    BTW, the very VERY slight chance of credibility or actual factual
    information in this video was completely obliterated by the, “See these sky
    spirits transmuting the chemtrails?” thing at the end. Wtf was that. It was
    just some clouds perpendicular to a contrail… And transmutation doesn’t


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