Jaw-Dropping UFO and Extraterrestrial Footage (Part 4)

www.fox.com – Jaw-Dropping UFO and Extraterrestrial Footage. A very interesting movie about UFO’s, here we see the most interesting UFO sightings and with a lot of information.

25 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping UFO and Extraterrestrial Footage (Part 4)

  1. keglimp

    2:20 how does light in the sky wake you up??? i wanna believe but tiny inconsistencies like that piss me off.

  2. slipKnotfreak1419

    the first aircraft you see, could easily be a casino sign. it looks just like one. and las vega is definately not the only place with casinos.

  3. Masine187

    alien agenda is to take over!
    look in the most oldskool scriptures… the bible.. the “gods” are returning
    this time for a big ass battle!

  4. tommybritain

    I hooked, faked or not. All very interesting! Thank you my good sir for uploading this video.

  5. 15niall

    @Rasher1111111 lol were did u read this then? clearly you are massively uninformed on the subject. Haha people like you really make me laugh. lol and the bit about the serrated edges on the saucers. well thats obviousley not an ultra sharp image, as you can tell from the rest of the video. Have you ever seen bright light filmed through a camera, or even through a window. At the distances in this film, of course you would expect distortion. omg you need to think about things before commenting.

  6. iamdiaperman

    i got to admit ive seen some bad fake crap. but this is amazingly super crap ! watch my `disfigured ape preview` video series..

  7. nomadnametab

    I was a kid in the summer of 66 when I and millions saw an object flying overhead at rather high altitude, from south to north over the midwest. It was obvious by its movements and size this was not any human contraption. It was in broad daylight and I will never forget looking at this and believing it was not from here.

  8. unkleskratch

    Hoaxes, crackpots and the declarations of the extremely gullible insure that the topic will never be given serious consideration. Well done.

  9. oogie5963

    i tink i”ll launch a helium balloon with glow sticks in it and a timer switch to some estes rockets engines so it shoots through the sky

  10. racerguy996

    nobody knows anything about these things and if the government knows they aint sayin shit

  11. rushwarp

    What a crock of shit. This is the worst UFO program i ever saw, The fakes are so primitive tis not even funny.

  12. peecee1384

    So Earths atmosphere is a vacuum?

    These craft obviously need to manouvre in both vacuum and non-vacuum.

  13. Moonk111

    fuckin hell man ease up u tard are u a furious nerd or what. i was implying that a square ship would be pretty useless on earth i wasnt taking space into account you douche.


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