Jet Liner Fuel Additive Evidence? Every day in Adelaide planes fly far overhead, heading from Perth to the east coast of Australia. Many days, especially during the morning and mid-afternoon, strings of persistent clouds form behind the jets, witnessable by everyone. Most I’ve brought it up to have said they’re natural occurences, because of the atmosphere all the way up there; physics must be on hold! This video highlights two chance photos I took of a plane with real conntrail FLYING THROUGH a ‘chemtrail’. If chemtrails are naturally occurences, why does the conntrail clearly evaporate in proximity to the chemtrail? My hypothesis is fuel additives. I would love to hear thoughts on the issue.

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  1. TheRobynhud

    just watched again and remembered seeing plane leaving awhat looked like a dark line in the sky and then another plane would follow exactly the line while spewing out a massive trail,sadly have no footage ,but weird shit!

  2. TheRobynhud

    yes i understand what your saying about the chemtrail argument,i to have no first hand evidence of what they are just that they are there and its not natural,let me know anything you find out about aerosols…keep up the great vids ps i did see one scientist say if they increase slightlly the fuel mix it would cause a persistent contrial,i think his name was david Hieth frm canada,he said also it would be very cheap to do!

  3. herzogsbuick

    @TheRobynhud Ya I believe as you, that we are being intentionally saturated with aerosols.

    I don’t feel confident defending the chemtrail theory at the moment, I need to brush up on my atmospheric science.

    BUT, because aerosols can change properties of our atmosphere, my belief that they’re spraying us/the atmosphere is not hinged on chemtrails.

    I’ve lived where it’s cold and wet, and cold and dry…and I’ve never seen a car leave a persistant trail…

  4. TheRobynhud

    im in the czech republic and most days chemtrails fill the sky from about 10am blue skies are all most non existent here now…and ive been coming here 12 years and summers and winters used to be wonderful…blue skies, now its like britain shows you what 5 years in the EU can do.Im way beyond arguing after seeing the blatant vandalism in the sky here.thanks for gr8 vid.peace

  5. herzogsbuick

    “Can you clarify?”

    The trails are of different compositions. Color differences in clouds are refractive, so you will see different portions of the spectrum. BROWN, Jim, is a composite color, unavailable in ROYGBIV.

    Particulate is the result of a bad burn or fuel composition. Bad burn means less power per unit fuel. Cruising, you would notice that.

    I’m aware of periodic local variations, and do not deny the weather affects trails. It does not, however, change their composition :-)

  6. JimBridger100

    I wish I got paid!

    Airborne Observations of Contrail Effects on the Thermal Radiation Budget
    Peter M. Kuhn
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
    Volume 27, Issue 6 (September 1970)

    “The spreading of jet contrails into extensive cirrus sheets is a familiar”

  7. JimBridger100

    Why does physics say you are wrong?

    Measurements of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail
    R.G. Knollenberg
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
    Volume 29, Issue 7 (October 1972)

    “It is often observed that contrails spread considerably…Under favorable conditions, a lateral spread of kilometers is observed…If sufficient air traffic exists, and entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours with rapid growth in the ice budget of individual contrails.”

  8. JimBridger100

    says who? You? LOL.. 60 years of contrail science says you are wrong- this paper is from 1972:- it was common enough back then to merit study…conditions for persistence – ice saturated areas- are frequent occurrence-

    Measurements of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail
    R.G. Knollenberg
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
    Volume 29, Issue 7 (October 1972)

    “It is often observed that contrails spread considerably…”

  9. barubba

    JimBridger100 is a stupid disinfo. he make a new account just to disinform people of global spraying program. don’t waste your time with

  10. barubba

    i’m sorry dude, “persistant contrail” are a RARE RARE RARE phenomenon.

    you see CHEMICAL persistant or non persistant contrail. aka chemtrails aka GEOENGINEERING aka SOLAR RADIATION MENAGEMENT aka STRATOSPHERIC SULPHUR AEROSOL
    military stuff….use google

  11. barubba




    watch?v=qSDkdOpjiSc&feature=re lated


  12. JimBridger100

    check out this cockpit video- 2 planes crossing…the lower plane leaving a persistent contrail (you can even see its shadow) – the higher plane (in drier air) leaving a dissipating contrail…

    “Cockpitvideo: Crossing traffic in the sky”


  13. JimBridger100

    why can’t it be that the plane flew thru a pocket of cooler/more most air?

    Contrails have gaps all the time…contrails behave very similar to cirrus clouds…

    Why do cirrus clouds have gaps?

  14. JimBridger100

    “not burning poor enough to eject constant particulate”??

    This makes no sense. Jet exhaust has plenty of particulate matter in it- its the conditions of the ambient air that dictate whether a contrail will form at all much less persist.

    Can you clarify?

    color difference is from the sun- why do clouds in the same sky have different colors?

    Why do clouds start and stop?

    Chances are they were just at different altitudes resulting in different trail characteristics…

  15. lowrider1007

    herzogsbuick is correct, i myself have footage of planes leaving a small contrail that suddenly turns into an allout spray leaving a huge trail across the sky. It doesn’t take much to deduce that the planes are spraying. nice vid PEACE

  16. herzogsbuick

    @JimBridger100 Thanks for the reply!

    A trail can’t persist without nuclei. No matter what engine, they are not burning poor enough to eject constant particulate; I have photos of a short trail, first section starts abruptly, maybe 1k long, ends abruptly, half k gap, then abrupt start to a section several times longer.

    If this were caused by the burn ratio as you posit, the pilot would’ve experienced two sudden losses of power…going from perfect burn to soot.

    And the color difference?

  17. JimBridger100

    it is quite possible for 2 planes in the same sky to leave different trails- could have been at different altitudes- even 1000 feet could mean the difference between a persist trail or not

    if humidity changes just a bit the persistence will change

    also possible that the planes had different engines- resulting in different trails- the more efficient an engine- the more water vapor gets expelled resulting in thicker trails

    So…it is quite logical for different trails to exist in the same sky


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