I was trying to understand why and just how they worked. I corresponded with Jim Phelps who attempted to remediate the terrible effects of chlorofluorcarbons during the atom bomb development. Since the first compositions and methods, there have been many more experimented with. There are many patents for various liquids, powders and compostions for spraying the atmosphere with chemtrails. The Weather has become a method of controlling people. The last decade was about electronics, this decade will be about optics, advanced radar, satellite and optic telecommunications which means more atmospheric research which requires chemical releases. If you control the weather, you can control the people who depend on the weather for food.. Control the food, you can control the people. Its all about control of people.


  1. jonah70757

    Most? people are unable to conceive of such evil….especially from ones own Gov and Military….Both are over rated and do not desrve the trust or confidence of the people.

  2. jonah70757

    I have a saying If there is another Hitler dont worry about being brought to the Gas? Chambers….they will bring the Gas Chambers to you


    Hypergolic propellant
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A rocket? propellant combination used in a rocket engine is called hypergolic when the propellants spontaneously ignite when they come into contact with each other. The two propellant components usually consist of a fuel and an oxidize

  4. orasell1

    @mikeemb123 Strange your comment is 2yrs old-Anyways- I know how you feel. There are days, I feel like just kill me already, notice I didn’t say suicide. It’s frustrating on so many levels. People such as myself, more directly affected by the experimentation will certainly know this feeling. Keep singing to yourself, Hold your head up, Hold your? head up, Hold your head HIGH. Anything is possible, don’t give up.

  5. orasell1

    Thanks skizit! Did you hear about the conference held last month? in L.A. called ‘Conscience Beyond Chemtrails’? Proceeds from this are going to Morgellons research.

  6. mikemb123

    I’ve already tried to stop them. Its impossible because people are too stupid to care.
    Russia is already reporting 2 million U.S. deaths since 2008 and nobody cares , the story goes nowhere. I think we deserve to die, anyway thats what will happen if we remain on? our present course


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