Journey through an Underground Base

This is a DUMB or Deep Underground Military Base which is 100ft under the ground. The total area is 35 acres and was designed to safely house up to 4000 central Government personnel in the event of a nuclear strike. Built in the 1950’s. There are DUMB’s all around the world now and ones which are being created right now, deep underground. That is not a secret anymore. I believe our governments and the selected few know about the real dangers of the coming solar flares and solar storms. There is evidence that there is a huge hole in the magnetic field protecting our planet earth and the combination of the extra sun activity and the damaged earths natural defense will have grave consequences for life as we know it on planet earth. Not just from the extra radiation getting through but from the riots and starvation which will happen when these flares knock out our electrical grid. It may also be that this is why they are spraying substances in the atmosphere in the form of chemtrails, which everyone sees now. They are experimenting without our knowledge. Trying different chemicals to see what works in reflecting the coming solar flares. What ever the reason for chemtrails I believe the government should explain what is being sprayed right now in the sky. There is a chemtrail petition at Number 10 Downing Street right now PLEASE SIGN: All those that sign will get a response from the government at Number 10. Don’t forget to click the confirmation email

26 thoughts on “Journey through an Underground Base

  1. mattandpatti222

    @rclark23 Your channel shows that you go against the Federal Reserve right? Well who do you think runs IT? Daffy Duck? Government is SATAN here on Earth NOW, until the real truth and Governor comes. Who do you think the secret societies worship too? come on open your MIND up to the truth!

    1. shay

      Ur a smart man… So ima give u a site to find out the truth behind all matters. Its called ”Channeld messages by Mike Quinsey”

  2. rclark23

    @mattandpatti222 funny how biblical people only refer to things in a Biblical Way,, as in the part that pisses me off that quote of scripture aught to DO>IT brush hands toGether, now God Bless America RIGHT, watch Americas War Machine, and come back and share Sum>More>sophomoric SCRIPTure!!
    Search; The Origin of Religion and Hierarchy’s, “How It All Began With A Simple Trick” Aka Solar Eclipse

  3. rclark23

    WONDER HOW MUCH THE ((F)) ALL THAT COST US TAXPAYERS,, AND I’ll ASK>(IT) Then,, How The Fuck>Much Does Collision Insurance Cost Down There ways,,? Up Heer IT’DOLLARS HIGH>WAY RapEING ROBB>YOUR>STUPID>ASS>Sovering>AMERICANS!!

  4. rclark23

    man there could be cow-pie mushrooms Ledges>All Through them tunnels, Our United States CAFR DRUG/Laundering PRIVATE WAR FUNDING OCCULT PEDOPHELICK BANKS/VAMPIRES Paid For

    Just My 2-Cents and a Peace~BE~SpliFFF TAX PAYER LABOR DOLLAR$ PAID FOR< God Dm'IT

  5. sambailey684

    this undergound facility is at corsham (box mine) whilshire, it could actualy contain 7500 people in the event of nuclear with its own underground aircraft factory. there is rumered that there is over 10 miles of road way down there and its partialy open to the public now :)

  6. Galltron3000

    @MattBlytheTheOne i haven’t but i want to go there.


    check this video out a group of urban explorers went down and took shots of everything and video clips of them riding those electric buggys. Its a declassified nuclear bunker that has everything the governtment would need to keep running things from underground. but apparently MOD still operate in the area and sometimes question ppl they find there

  7. joshsmog

    yo i put some music to some of this makes it a little more interesting tell me what u think

  8. TwoPlusTwoIsGay

    The Elite can go hide like rats in their underground bunkers. What they don’t realize is the people left behind will make the Earth inhabitable for the next 25,000 years. They don’t have enough martial law guards to protect all 446 nuclear reactors in the world. Imagine what the terrorists and anarchists will do.

  9. aaronfromhastings

    I’d rather be dead than living like a rat underground.

    And what the nobs at the top fail to realise is that when the rest of us die up here in the real world, they’ll have no slaves to provide them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. Double whammy – living underground AND having to work for a change.

    We shall laugh at them from our resting place in the sunlight.

  10. MattBlytheTheOne

    @abc1235222 these are old London Tube service tunnels that interconnect the basements of the buildings above, that’s all. They would handy in the event of an evac. but not much else….


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