11 thoughts on “KC-10 Spreading a chemtrail .1

  1. stillnessONtheWAY

    Dude you are such a fake person, seriously. You have only one video on your page and its about cars BUUUUUT all your comments on youtube are guided towards chemtrails and how its only a conspiracy fueld by nutcases, people TRUTHERS like us.
    I suggest you open your EYES WIDE and stop being a DICK.

  2. robueno70

    Could you please comment on why you happened to be so close to this plane? How do you distinguish fuel leakage from chemical spraying? Apparently the spraying of chemicals for weather manipulation (geoengineering) is currently a very secret operation. But the pilot of this KC-10 didn’t care spraying his ‘toxic chemicals’ despite being so close to another plane. So it’s not so secret, is it? You can see that the trails come from the engines not from any separate drain or spray system.

  3. MartinHDJ

    This is no where near as conclusive as the other KC10 video, I’d say this a contrail to be honest. However JP8 jet fuel the military use, it’s additives are protected by a patent.

  4. Silberhorter

    wow another great capture, but not that much colors/truncations/trails like the one I saw yesterday:


    awesome proof of poisonous spraying activity.

  5. angel16659

    der hammer…etz müßte ich nur noch das gespräch verstehen…;-)
    bitte um übersetzung..
    vielleicht wollen die piloten endlich darauf aufmerksam machen,das dieser scheiß mal ein ende hat!!!

  6. emserinfo

    yeah!!! wir erwischen euch alle! STOP CHEMTRAILS & STOP THE NWO!!! fuck obama merkel illuminati satanists! KEEP IT UP! Peace


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