Kicking Chemtrail’s Butt!

Watch the sky spirits kick chemtrails butt…. and no I’m not drinking the bong water… watch the video and learn something. ;0 Learn how to perceive the sp…

23 thoughts on “Kicking Chemtrail’s Butt!

  1. DArtagnan2013

    The pilots think that their superiors are very powerful and will shield
    them from any form of retaliation. Neither the pilots or their supervisors
    are aware that their cover has been blown and that they will be left on
    their own to answer for their actions. The emperor has no clothes !

  2. Stanley Jackley

    They are all chemtrails, They are all in different stages of dissipation.
    The whispy ones have just been there longer.

  3. s0ngbird74

    @ 5:35 in this video.. I cannot help but think of what I see when I turn on
    my computer and NOT login.. the cloud looks JUST like the image Windows
    Vista shows if your turn on your computer and DON’T log in… just sayin
    cuz I know GATES has a LOT to do with the chemtrails…

  4. Patrick McCormack

    This is absolutely fantastic! I witnessed a very similar engulfment and
    transmutation, and I recorded it in photos some three years ago. Have just
    recorded a few incredible sightings and witnessings myself here in Las
    Vegas. One very recent video which I just posted. Thanks and continued GOOD

  5. neghlucky

    Why do you make such bold and incredible statements when you have zero
    proof to back up your claims? All I can do is laugh and shake my head as I
    watch this and I’ve done extensive research on chemtails and everything
    else conspiracy related. If they were really dropping poison on us, why
    don’t you do something about it besides making youtube videos???

  6. DevonThing

    This is a global operation, the scale of it is daunting. There is of course
    no proof that the dreaded Illuminati/ruling elite/monarchy/evil puppet
    masters but one thing is for sure Santa Claus is not responsible so who is?

  7. Pegasussoars

    Gotta love our Elementels and Elohim ! :) Nice job ! It is amazing how they
    work. Sometimes with their help we can knock them out of the sky. I invoke
    the ‘Law of Protection” which not only protects the person, but the entire
    area. My hand to God… I have even seen the planes hang suspended and or
    disappear right before my eyes.

  8. sunlightblessing

    no have mercy for the pilots, it is the people commanding these things that
    are to blame if anyone, you must understand that you cannot wish upon
    someone that is being forced ( they can’t quit, there is a debt based
    economy its hard to find a new job, they would be threatened or etc ) they
    can’t blab, they can’t not comply. sure they are part of the fault, but its
    really the top that is to blame. wish healing and peace here.

  9. Skunk Meister

    imho, most of the “sylphs” appear to be older chemtrails that’ve spread or
    cross currents of wind. Maybe you are even seeing directed energy weapons
    tests. Awesome job you do keep up the good work. :)

  10. CrystalTigerxxx

    Stupid pilots should get their butts kicked too! Especially if they are
    knowingly spraying poisons on us all very thankful for these spirits
    helping us all and thank you for posting this vid Indianinthemachine :)

  11. 3e4r5t6f7h8i90

    They are the unidentified fast flying things that flick across the screen
    when filming chemtrails. They are way to fast to be birds. Others have
    suggested they are many things from huge “alien wasps” to drones to dark
    sky entities. I have seen this phenomenon in my films, your film,
    Man2011isms films, Supermushmouse’s work, ekafenapl’s (fake plane
    backwards)and others uploads. Perhaps they are something natural such as
    common insects or birds but that is not my feeling. Thanks again.


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