Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

Please use the link below to sign the petition to request an immediate, thorough, and honest investigation into what the substances called “chemtrails” actually consist of and to discover the true purpose of spraying: Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth NufffRespect This video provides a surreal but factual summary of the chemtrail phenomenon and the effect that chemtrails are having on the environment. CONTRAILS vs CHEMTRAILS It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight. Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the

25 thoughts on “Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

  1. Boomer22z

    @fawkUtube I would really like to understand what you guys are seeing that is making you look at ordinary contrails that I have seen my whole life and develop some theory about it? What are you saying that they are? I have looked at a bunch of videos and they simply state that they linger. But what are you saying is the purpose of these things?

  2. Legionoftruthers

    There is a nut job called spinalreplicator on watch?v=-K9rXydMmfw claiming that aluminum ions in jet fuel is causing the persistent contrails.
    Would you mind please injecting a little sanity into his delusions?

  3. fawkUtube

    To the idiot sheep non-belivers who belive everything thats spews from thier precious T.V.

    Google : US Patent Search……click on: US Patent Full – Text and image database

    then: click on? “number search”………then: in Query box, type in 3,813,875 (read it)…..

    then type in 3,899,144. Our government/military uses these devices to inject

    barium & unknown powders into the air we breathe. What do you think of our

    wonderful government now?

  4. 76mistyblu

    @lynx35341 This should scare people…people need to wake up, we are all in this together, its us against them…too many tests have been done for it to be fake.,…I have many pictures above my home…what cloud presents a rainbow when the sun shines on them?….NOT regular clouds…. but man made ones with METAL in them…you need to wake up! Dont be scared, be informed…

  5. HolliValsMusic

    The trails have indeed changed alot since I was younger. Now that I think about it. I wonder what the difference is. The sunsets also look more boring these days.

  6. Riff28Raff

    @Legionoftruthers are you a pilot? do you know anything about aviation? anyway i never said i agree with all this chem trail stuff, i just think its strange how the skys have changed since the early to mid 90’s, maybe theres just more planes at that hight nowadays because when i was young planes never left trails like that.
    no need to be a dick, learn some manners please.

  7. TheTinker2e

    Yesterday was? 11/3/2010 and there were so many chemtrails in the skys over Santa Cruz, CA that the air looked? like fog and smelled like LA. I have asthma and I could not breath. I called the EPA in Monterey and they said that they could not test anything in the air unless there was a fire or somekind of accident. These “contrails” are just taking over the skys.

  8. MarsBar2012

    This just out today, a list of all the patents for these chem trails since 1920!
    Article entitled: Chemtrails – The List of Patents For Stratosperic Arial Spraying Programs! by sovereign independent dot c o m

  9. Razz000

    @lynx35341 Come on man i know there’s not much evidence supporting the conspiracy theories and stuff of that nature but anyone who took their own life cause they were scared of something that might happen in my opinion (no offense i feel for their families) are pretty stupid. I believe in the conspiracy’s and all that but i still live my everyday life until something big goes down. So don’t blame us we are just looking at the world and how its run differently. And fuck you for trying to guilt us

  10. dinobambino82

    @lynx35341 Wow if you don’t even believe in cemtrails then your way behide the ball. Pay attention to what is happening blindling in front of your eyes. Like I post you may choose not to know. Dino

  11. dinobambino82

    @hotblud82 Hi, I have found The link. It’s not pretty, So you may want to not know. Because if you know about Comtrails and you really want to know the truth about them. let me know. Dino.

  12. Legionoftruthers

    No they are NOT the same height.
    Do you think you can spot a difference of 1000ft from 10+km away?
    Airliners are under flight separation rules that stipulate they must be at a MINIMUM of 1000ft difference in altitude from each other when on intersecting or parallel paths.
    Learn some BASIC Aviation please

  13. firstwave2

    @caligotspeerbomb the suckers are spreed out all over the earth now . its going to take a hell of hunting to dilute these worms once and for all.

  14. caligotspeerbomb

    @firstwave2 yup its all true man dont you think its too fuck early fuck that we need to risse up!!!!!!!KILLUMINATI!

  15. SparklesofUnity

    All we do is to continue to over populate this earth, and its full of ingnorant,stubborn,egoistic, no respect, uncompassionate,etc human beings, we are
    NOT progressing at all.

    There is no need for us here, look how we treated with each other and with nature along with the earth, absolute garbage.oh well, the earth is going to destroy us before we even get near destroying mother earth and the earth changes has started.

    I hope she will show absolutely no remorse during her purification,over due

  16. firstwave2

    @Oyotunji unmarked military jets- it’s a very classified operation.I hear the only place thats not getting sprayed is communist china,as they shoot them down.

  17. firstwave2

    @lynx35341 do not fear shill -Kilroy is coming for you and your comrades soon.That will be when we pull you “sick fucks’ out into the light – you better put your boots on boy as this time there will be no mercy to be given.


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