10 thoughts on “(KillerSpray.com) JAZZ logo turbo-propeller chemtrail aux plane model: Dash 8-300

  1. streetmuggedbypolice

    You know even if it could be proven that they are not? deliberately spraying toxic chemicals and and that all these trails are a? by-product of fuel burning to spew out such pollution is still a serious crime against our atmospheric environment.

  2. SprayOClockNews

    Thanx! I made some updates to the description. Someone just identified the logo as JAZZ, not OWLL. I found their website, they do contract? work.

  3. SprayOClockNews

    and QANTAS in Australia! And EASY JET in Britain. They will hear from me that’s for sure! You saved the day – thank you for the heads up!? I’ve updated the titles and comments and will do the KillerSpray=com site later today!

  4. SprayOClockNews

    Thank You!

    KISS from British Columbia!

    “Jazz offers private charters throughout North America for corporate, government, special interest groups and individuals who enjoy travelling on their own schedule. We welcome new strategic partners to expand our services and operations.”

    from their? about us page, so, the evil chemtrail gang charters their planes!?!

  5. TheNowaytogo

    Excellent catch but false comments : This is a plane from JAZZ AIR Canada ,so JAZZ not OWLL on the body plane and for your RED DEVIL this is just a MARPLE LEAF! To finish , i”m? on your thinkin’ side but i stay real! Kiss from France!

  6. John

    I have watched many of your videos and am totally up to snuff on all of this, that is going on. Where I live close to T.O. I have been very observant of what I see with my eyes and hear with my ears.

    I will tell you this. At night time I watch the planes go back and forth over the city at night time. Not the Pearson airport I am talking about. It is quite a ways out of the city.

    What I am sure about is this. The local Airport that is in the particular city that you are in most likely have a geoengineering contractor in it which is under the guise of fixing or retrofitting planes.

    Also the Air Ambulance is most likely Aerosol equipped. I believe this because I witnessed a storm come a few years ago quickly where I live and heard all the jets and little planes flying around and then a vicious storm appears out of nowhere.

    I also have a friend that lives close to th hospital where I live and this person said the Air Ambulance Chopper left the hospital 12 times in three – four hour period. I hardly think that they were delivering patients.

    This is disgusting what these Phycopathic People are doing.

    We have two girls (Chemtrail Girls) on the Net.

    They are posting bill boards on the Subways informing the Sheeple People.

    Check it out on the Internet.
    Google Chemtrail Girls and watch their videos.

    Also the Guy there that says OK all the time in his videos.

    Keep up the Great Work

    At least somebody cares.

    Unlike the rest of the Dummies out there it seems.

  7. Gordon

    Floods and Disasters are the name of the game. Along with moving people to a certain geographical region to make it easier to spay everyone down. Eventually it will most likely backfire on the perpetrators.

    Amazing the people that have been told and deny the situation that is going on. That stuff that is being sprayed is doing a real good job Dumbing the Denier’s Brains.

  8. Gordon

    This is the only site that seems to give reliable information. If you look at Geoengineering Watch and see where this dude worked and what company he was with it will floor you when you find out the facts of what the company is involved in. Also Holmestead Chem-trails guy is an Air Force Intelligence Guy.
    Very suspicious to me.


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