Las Vegas Chemtrail timelapse over McCarran International Airport

10/27/10 Las Vegas Chemtrails at McCarran International Airport.

25 thoughts on “Las Vegas Chemtrail timelapse over McCarran International Airport

  1. Colleen Staroszik

    Nothing beats a great timelapse video.I was in Vegas a year ago and couldn’t believe the chemtrails in the sky. There were people standing outside pointing up at the sky. Most did not notice the madness. I was in Vegas this June, and there was no obvious CT spraying, however when we were driving north out of Vegas, all we could see was a massive white haze (which was not obvious in Vegas). Geoengineering is getting worse by the day everywhere.? Check out Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas.

  2. iain399

    It’s impossible for water vapour to be so solid as to rotate on? its own axis, but even the most die-hard Metabunker shill can’t explain why chemtrail jets never appear on PlaneFinder ADS-B tracking systems.

    The reason of course is that spray planes are NATO. This also explains why passenger jets at any altitude never have, and never could, leave anything like this kind of chemical muck.

    In the Chemtrails Shill Challenge vid, you can even see two different chemicals pouring from ONE jet!

  3. BenFredrick78

    I’ve always wondered if the air traffic controllers at these public airports are warned of these planes flying in their airspace? Public? safety issue? What happens when a commercial jetliner collides with a chemtrail supertanker?

  4. grandaddynative

    I think they’re beautiful like a Praying Mantis graceful flow of movement just before he snatches tiny bird and eats it? alive…this sux

  5. MakerInMotion

    So are these supposed chemicals they’re releasing mixed into the fuel? If so, why not test a sample of jet fuel and prove it? Kind of hard to conceal something like that when there’s evidence of it in every fucking? airport in the country.

  6. elviswasaspy

    Mrflav is a moron for sure. How come planes did not leave trails like this 20 years ago? Leme guess….. Climate change right??

  7. A3TTK

    @nos97 if its Top Secret who? would admit it.. and what is the purpose? What record? if such a record exist then it should be published for all to see..

  8. A3TTK

    I don’t understand what chemtrails are!! Why and who? would do that ? What’s the purpose ? What are the chemicals sprayed ?

  9. TheMSCBand

    Believe in Chemtrails? Hey moron …if Santa flew over Vegas in his sleigh every 3 days I sure as hell would believe in Santa Claus.? If you don’t “believe” in chemtrails you are obviously like the stereotypical ostrich..pull your head out of somewhere and look up….I have been wondering about these chemicals being sprayed by unmarked jet airliners since I saw it happen the first time 7 months ago when I moved here..they always run in parallel and 90 degree grid-like patterns…

  10. Gorilla Radio

    so u been interested in aviation ur whole life and cant tell the difference between a chem an con trail. WWHOOAA. watch this? utube video and ull see the difference pinche aviation boy. contrail dont stay in our air from 7am to 6 pm so explain that.

  11. chavspotter

    I have been interested in aviation since I was a young boy and I know exactly what a contrail is. Contrails and expanding contrails have been well documented for the last 70 years. I say people who believe? in ”chemtrails” need to ”wake up”, as you put it, and read a few vintage books on aviation and meteorology.

  12. Gorilla Radio

    if? you knew what contrails were you would know those arent contrails. Wake up! a vegas resident and we got hit again today!


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