Last Chance Chemtrail

Why did the Chemtrail pilot spell Last Chance over NYC? Chemtrail Pilot Writes “Last Chance” With His Jet Above NYC!…

25 thoughts on “Last Chance Chemtrail

  1. Gjbardos

    It’s a skywriter! Not chemtrail. You couldn’t manuver a big tanker that
    quickly. Too late for last chance anyway.

  2. WAPTek2

    Pittsburgh-based artist Kim Beck wrote sales slogans like “All Sales
    Final,” “Last Chance,” “Now Open,” and “Everything Must Go,” via skywriting
    for her art piece The Sky Is the Limit/NYC she got this idea from the
    Wicked Witch who writes ‘Surrender Dorothy’ in the sky in The Wizard of Oz

  3. Maggie Joseph

    The last time someone did that was prior to the storm… someone is putting
    their life at risk to save others when leaving that message…. Something is
    going on…could be a great storm is coming that may cause great coastal

  4. Curtis Tisberger

    ive been arguing with this doctor drkstrong i think he goes by dr keith
    strong i think his name is and he reports on the sun and ignorant of
    chemtrails…ive been going back and forth with this so called doctor…i
    know doctors only mask…never heal…haha…but he doesnt believe in
    them…im like wow…and being a doctor i asked him why my friends cousin
    and three other pilots all have cancer from flying these planes he doesnt
    answer me…shill…

  5. toobphish

    Oh! I almost forgot, Marcia. FYI, You really can’t skywrite with a jet;
    he/she was probably flying a bi-plane with a piston engine. If you tried to
    skywrite “LAST CHANCE”, with a jet, it would take two days and the letters
    would be as big as New Jersey! TNX Again!

  6. clnmyjts

    Ok..I watched the video! their not doing this sky writing with a
    airplane..I`d say It`s being done from a airship via laser pointer tech.
    heating up the air “plasma seeded” ..thus chem-trails are not being spray
    as we might think of a airplane spraying but rather I think its being done
    via the popping of nano size micro organisms and then they pop release
    their gases.. ( World Record Submission – 100 Laser Balloon Popping
    Dominoes – Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton 750mW+ IMG * /watch?v=EzY30Ah8bKY

  7. Pat Gianniou

    This “Last Chance” message was written in the sky back in October of 2011.
    See other videos that show this dating back to then.

  8. Wee Joe

    This is the work of Kim Beck, other “Sky Writing” includes advertisement
    type slogans; Space Available, All Sales Final and Everything Must Go.
    Nothing to get in a rut about really, other than the fact that writing
    “Last Chance” over a place where two planes annihilated three thousand
    lives and obliterated the New York skyline by destroying the North,South
    and seventh World Trade Centre buildings took place. It’s a form of
    art….I much preferred the older paint and brushes style to be honest.

  9. dragonshead north

    Last chance to get out of the city , perhaps they feel the masses have been
    warned enough that a major false flag is on the way

  10. FearAndLoathing888

    this is about 2 or 3 years old. I saw this same video years ago. don’t know
    why its coming up again. Its an old video. just fyi.

  11. Mindcrime1994

    if Someone Wrote Last Chance in the Sky, it was a Skywriter Plane, Not a
    Chemtrail Plane. Chemtrail Planes Are Not That Maneuverable, They Travel at
    Much Greater Speeds & Cannot Make the Turns Necessary to Spell Words in the
    Sky. Each Letter Would Be From Horizon to Horizon.Whoever Put That Title on
    Their Article You’re Reading is an Idiot. Either Doesn’t Know Shit About
    Geo Engineering or is Purposely Calling it a Chemtrail Plane Writing the
    Sky to Make Chemtrail Believers Look Like Nutcases.

  12. cassanoa

    they have been spraying aluminum – very very fine aluminum which has been
    infiltrating our bodied and reacts with our electrochemical make up to
    cause internal nervous system and synaptic short circuits and misfires –
    these particles are also effected by the various radio waves and microwaves
    – as most metals are effected by energy – they think the aluminum will
    reflect the uv rays from the sun and slowdown global warming – they are
    wrong about every thing – the fools don’t understand anything

  13. toobphish

    The US Coast Guard was ordered to “Stand Down” along the length of the
    Eastern Seaboard; the reason given was some moronic drivel about a stranded
    catamaran! Absurd! It’s almost time for the Global Coastal Event; therefore
    it’s time for the Breakaway Civilization to plant their sub-sea Nukes to
    cause the “natural disaster” that will inundate the entire East Coast! It
    worked like a charm in Nukushima! The “unforeseeable cataclysm” will be
    used to justify martial law and military occupation! TNX!

  14. blastedhippiee

    Cryptic messages written in the sky over lower Manhattan – part of a kooky
    art project – h t t p : / / nydn . us / 10v7M1v


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