Last Chance Sky Writing NYC

A sky writer writes “last chance” in the air above NYC. This was shot in Queens near the PS1

25 thoughts on “Last Chance Sky Writing NYC

  1. sins lord

    Lets say it are not chemtrails, than still the fact is that their spraying metals above our heads wich come down and you breath it in. you can see from observing these lines that it has a weight and it sets out. friendly art project isnt it? nah i dont believe anything the news or government tells me, you wanna know why? go to wikipedia type japanese in america 1942 and youl see that 110.000 american japs wher put into concentration camps thats? how much they care :) they wher normal people.

  2. McN472

    naw man its like the government and they are poisening us all, its just really slow it takes like 50 years and then the aluminum will make us all die you just? dont understand new world order and stuff and obama and media control

  3. nibirushock

    And nobody wonders how this could happen above the city of New York..? I hope you haven’t forgotten the horrible “photo-op” psy-op in 2009.. frightening children and adults.. just as this appalling psy-op.. do your research people and see how they are messing with you.. in total contempt.. >> watch?v=VEKPYLZhAzw

  4. TheMrSpam

    people asteroid is supposed to hit atlantic osean,?
    tsunami will hit new york
    dunno if its true.
    just get off coast on 9/11

  5. starkoolgirl101

    i walked ? the Manhattan Bridge that day. I think it was for a store or something. It also wrote NOW OPEN.

  6. Video from Mr. Archangel

    Americans why you constantly have different anomalies and messages? Here at us in Russia anything similar even in news don’t show, at us only lately cities creak as Half-life:D. What at you there the government? the transaction from UFO hasn’t concluded that-l what that that they already hint you?)

  7. chuck12881

    well if this was? a small plane its smoke.if big then chemtrails. message is vague..what do you think,warning to who?

  8. khayelitshaissafe

    They are spraying poison called CHEMTRAILS. Its aluminum, barium etc. Sometimes and? often they spray gas that slowly kills everyone.


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