Leaked Copenhagen agreement draft has developing nations FURIOUS! Danish Text CLIMATEGATE

www.guardian.co.uk www.guardian.co.uk It seems as though things aren’t going quite as planned for the powers that be!

25 thoughts on “Leaked Copenhagen agreement draft has developing nations FURIOUS! Danish Text CLIMATEGATE


    Fuck the sheep. If they don’t know to run when it’s time to run, it is best tht they don’t survive to procreate. If it get’s to a point where we need to run and hide, it is best that the ignorant stay and get slaughtered while I boogie! You know what they say, if a bear is chasing you and your friend, you don’t have outrun the bear. You just have to outrun your friend. So it is best that you friend be as unfit as possibe in order for you to save your ass. Fuck the sheep. They choose to die!


    Climate-Gate Who’s Who


  3. OneEyedBeastTV

    “Obama is gonna sign the damn treaty no matter what anyone thinks anyway” well at least you half understand whats going on.
    Do you not find it strange how there is NO evidence that Global Warming is “man made” yet NO opposing views got into the peer review. Scientists who opposed were kicked off the review. PLEASE research this before you diss people like Seattle.

  4. atenorforjesus

    We are near the end, when they set up a 1 world govt. imagine the oppressive enactments that will surely follow in rapid succession. Come and hear about the blood, and be prepared. Human male with human mother but not human father. Hit my link and come and see.

  5. discipleofyahshua

    97% of CO2 comes from forest fires and rotting plants, 3% from man. The warming is a natural occurance that has happened many times before, as proven by ice cores taken from the poles.

  6. seattle4truth

    The emails weren’t from alex jones, and this is NOT even about the emails.. Its about the secret agreement meant to be pushed on the other nations who don’t have a say.

  7. icecreaman42013

    You don’t get it do you. What is happening here is we are being duped into thinking that C02 is causing long term warming. This has been proven false. 31,000 scientists are standing together against this claim. They are using this lie to tax people and governments Trillions of dollars. In order to fund their new government. The U.N. or the N.W.O. We all know that the climate moves in cycles and we all know that humans are polluting the planet. We also know carbon dioxide isn’t causing warming.

  8. hagakure90

    Dear Obamawhoever:

    Why are you wasting your precious time here? You can always go and read a book instead by your beloved, noble scientists about the truth as they (and you) seem to know it.

    As for us, others, simpletons, who are obviously less smart than you, – a lot of people are eagerly waiting for some answers to certain questions from those excellent , agendaless and immaculate scientists.

    One more thing I realIy hate to tell you is that cursing does not count as an argument.

  9. perseverance8

    Scientists have no agenda, what the hell are ya ,advocacy groups, political groups, and stand to gain or loose large amounts of funding. Talk about an orgy of conflicting interest here, no wonder they were possibly fudgeing or deleting data.

  10. ObamaWhyNotBluRay

    Climate gate is the biggest bunch of bull crap I have ever seen on youtube. Everyone is falling for this shit, so STOP with the friggin climate gate reporting seattle! Obama is gonna sign the damn treaty no matter what anyone thinks anyway. Lets hope the other countries come to their minds, but that’s all that needs to be said about the issue. This is DISINFO, irrelevant to the max, lets keep our eyes on the swine flu! How did 21 people die in Iowa and we haven’t heard shit since?

  11. ObamaWhyNotBluRay

    You guys are going to trust hacked emails from Alex Jones over the noble scientists who have no agendas? You got to be frickin kidding me!! The vast majority of science professors are among the smartest people you will ever meet. You people are so full of shit and don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about here. What are you going to say when those same scientists find you a cure for cancer? That they unleashed with crop dusting chemtrails in the 40’s?

  12. curiouschem

    Was it a staged leak? an attempt to draw support and attention to certain agenda items.

    It’s not about whether it’s getting warmer or colder or staying the same, It’s about pollution! We need to continuously remind our politicians as they go to these things, to reduce pollution. You can’t debate pollution because it’s measureable and evident.

  13. Wecknachricht

    great comments and reportin – we need to further expose all Climategate Bankster Crooks!


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