Leuren Moret – US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP

FOR FULL INFO PLEASE READ ARTICLE AT: BREAKING NEWS – Leuren Moret: US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP www.examiner.com

22 thoughts on “Leuren Moret – US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP

  1. DangerousDan77777

    It sounds like it would be a lot of work, but could you somehow transfer that to? print, so that it can be uploaded to the internet?

  2. jeremeohmy

    Hate to burst your? bubble, but thats just feedback from a built in mic on a laptop. Probably forgot to change the settings….

  3. GoldStarMother2872

    Those behind this are so delusional–they are not non-religious–but, they are luceferians/illuminati/masons–if what is said here is true, it shouldn’t be long before there is a planet-wide earthquake the likes of which they will not expect–they? are on their way to Armageddon, to face what amounts to their own doom–it’s all been outlined in Revelation–they do not succeed thanks be to God and Christ Jesus, amen.:)

  4. williammayhoperights

    my privacey was + is being violated, my writing made people [b]millions while I starved, they do hate crimes,group abuse, beatings, [ worse], i’m a 5x cancer survivor ,enviromentalist, artist! Help? me. these social paths are destroying themsevles+trying to destroy everyone else! I know haarp is real because they did hate crimes to me forshawdowing acts of terror +earthquakes, they paid for terrorist stikes , they don’t have a time machine, they are manipulating events with their technology!

  5. Linux4UnMe

    riighhtttt…. the bad quality of the? recording is due to an entity in national security??? I think a shit Mic is a much more logical conclusion….

  6. thefabimakes

    Yes, chemtrails excist, but a Space Shuttle doesn’t spray Chemtrails! Sorry!
    This time you aren’t right! Good luck! Many people believe? in you, because it’s the truth! 😉

  7. Derek Starpass

    I wonder if the HAARP weapon is responsible for blowing those huge holes
    in the planet’s Magnetosphere. If and when we get a large sun flare burst and? it is coming at the Earth it could quite possibly be what is says in Revelation, in the Bible where it says one third of the Earth will burn. It makes me wonder.

  8. svenssonsk

    Excellent research. I have a document on microfiche produced by? the US Air Force Academy titled “Chemtrails”. It is a course manual that was taken in 1990. It is 172 pages full of chemical uses in the atmosphere.

  9. Ron Rafferty

    Reject the all-caps NAME and the injustice system cannot prosecute when you? stop paying all taxes. It belongs to the STATE and you must accept it by their clever deception for their game to work.

  10. Greenjah81

    Very interesting staff you guys was talking about! I’ve read in March that there was a possibility of the HAARP affecting the Fukushima fault line. It’s really scary what these people are capable? of. We have to stop this BS. It a news to me now that the whole biosphere is polluted after this incident… I’m so pissed at all the freaking governments! We must stop this. We are 99% we should be able to stop it…

  11. WilAzzamEdison

    Is? that your Non Answer???? lol ADHD too much for you?? lol Thank you. My Channel spells out Reality. Light is NOT a particle. Its a wave. Thank you for that NONANSWER lol


  12. WilAzzamEdison

    @mistermassive1 How??? Please Specify. I find what? they say to be more then factual. WTC was multiple departments and Multiple technique.
    But please Dont ADHD now.. PLEASE SPECIFY why you think this isnt Factual??

  13. WilAzzamEdison

    OMG, @ 33:25 its unreal This is Serious proof of Manipulation by some other person or Government. The camera adjusts in a? way that could only be done by Processing. She never touched the camera, but it zoomed?

    Welcome to Government Auto Censoring Via Taking something that is great and making it Inaudible

  14. WilAzzamEdison

    Right when Leuren gets to the part about Earthquakes and Haarp, Her Video and Audio hit there worst clarity. The quality goes really bad.
    Of all the videos I’ve seen This? video Just happens to go bad and at the most important part.


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