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I extracted a nano sized organism from a chemtrail fibre that had been collected after heavy spraying in Nebraska. I captured its growth with my dark field scope. The living fibre is now on its way to a friend who has better lab access. I have tested 23 out of 35 adults and 3 out of 4 children positive for these same fibres. None of those tested showed any outward signs of morgellons. I now know these fibres respond to frequencies, electromagnetic ones. lets hope none of our friendly governments decide to let loose a frequency that awakes these horrors

25 thoughts on “Live chemtrail fibre.wmv

  1. roxy777lopez777

    @kraken45 Jerry does not have any vids…… you mean to say try loading my vids regarding Morgy and chem webs? If so will try again. They say they need to be approved. I approve stuff like that all the time, it comes in my inbox (email for utube)

  2. kraken45

    @xfahctor Your thoughts are not of any importance whatsoever. Every second of this video is my work The people whom this is for know that and that is all that matters. Back up your mouth and find even one link where I could have stolen any part of this video from.

  3. roxy777lopez777

    Sorry that you see it that way. We have footage just taken and they (Nano fibers) look a? lot alike. You can always right click on a photo to find out what kind of Camera took it and date.

    THE TRUTH NEEDS TO GET TO THE PUBLIC and trolls need to back the fuck outta here!

  4. roxy777lopez777

    Caroline i have sent you part 2 to load, loaded it but you did not approve it. Loaded one and you did not approve it either. Sorry , but Jerry Neimen said you wanted to load it. Are you ok?

  5. roxy777lopez777

    I have sted a reply Part 1 and part 2, will have part 3 in a couple days, that one will be mostly about you C. Waiting for you to approve.

  6. xfahctor

    @kraken45 No, i am asking legitimate questions about this that any science based discussion should include, questions i might add you should be easily able to answer in the necessary detail.
    Long and short of it, I do not believe this is your work, nor do i believe the junk science the work presents. I believe you have either recycled junk science from around the net in to your own movie, or you just ripped a junk science video from somewhere on the net.

  7. kraken45

    @xfahctor You are fishing.
    I will just say the presence agrobacterium is more than enough to justify my statements.
    If you wish for further education I suggest go to university.

    The people whom this is meant for know exactly the methods I have been using for the past 9 months.

  8. kraken45

    @xfahctor Of course we all pick up fibres but we do not pick up fibres that continue to growand do not dissolve in various acids or H202. The labs that have been in receipt of these fibres have despite many years experience not been able to identify these fibres.

  9. kraken45

    @xfahctor This first part of this video shows a living moving fibre I cultured from a chemtrail web sample. I am quite willing to give anyone interested the whole 50 uncut minutes. The photos from 3.19 have not been on the web for years. (please send link if I am wrong) This photo was taken by myself in May this year, hence it could have only been on the web since then. The same goes for the other photos which are samples from clients.

    I ay their own power source due

  10. xfahctor

    the images you show from 3:19 on are photos that have made their way around the web for years. And they bear no resemblance to the fiber in your video. They actually looks more like clothing fiber. As for the claim near the end that they have their own “internal power source”. What sort of power? how is i generated? What makes you believe they have this internal power source, I see nothing in the video at all that even hints at this. What brought you to that assessment?

  11. xfahctor

    I would also disagee with your assessment that it is growing. It really hasn’t appeared to change size to me. How do you know there are “potential” bacteria present in the web? What type of bacteria? You also make the assesment that it was “genetically modified” Do you have evidence to support this modification claim? Or is this mere speculation? If so, based on what?


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