Local Oregon CBS News Admits Chemtrail Spraying?

Local Oregon CBS affiliate news makes mention to chemtrails during weather report. Aired April 9th, 2010.

23 thoughts on “Local Oregon CBS News Admits Chemtrail Spraying?

  1. Niglet Gook

    chemtrails yawn. why is everyone so worried about this? There’s more air traffic now than ever,? no different than driving down the freeway and see exhaust fumes. YAWN…

  2. iam1inamil

    just so everyone is on the same page of understanding…COINTELPRO…is a secret entity that employs people that will keep their mouth shut,due to being able? to be manipulated or BLACKMAILED…they get paid to cause a rukus amoungst the commentators on government REPUTATION damaging VIDEOS…THEY ARE TROLLS WHO change tactics to not be so readily “picked out” and identified

  3. Fred Day

    Hey sir, I too was in the Corps and know they use chaff when deflecting radar signatures of someone “painting” them with a radar guided weapon. It is done quickly, and briefly. It does not cover hundreds of miles. Plus our newer aircraft are of the “stealth” variety and do not show up on conventional radar anyways. Please? go back to WWII and report my findings..LOL

  4. Dan Williams

    Sofia Smallstorm has some excellent videos about chemtrails and? aluminum killing plant life, and of course if you block the sun, we do not get the vitamin D3 that we need.

  5. s1haron

    You may want to? chk this out. Biologists are finding excessive amounts of aluminum in soil and water;causing trees to die off and bodies water to be labeled ‘unsafe”.

  6. s1haron

    Look around the web more.Ther’s lots of? information. Look at Meteor Society where you’ll see lecture about putting chems in atmosphere to deal with Global Warming.

  7. Theycallmekaiser

    Hey fellows, I’m on your side with the conspiracy stuff and all, but? these ‘vapor’ trails were produced during WWII dogfights. I haven’t looked into this enough. Maybe there’s something more to it but this is only proof that the military uses chaff in exercises to test radar interference.

  8. annie46664

    CHEMTRAIL TEST. Numbers represent the amount of times they are? OVER the “allowable” TOXIC limit for human beings. Las Vegas sky is covered in chemtrails. ?Aluminum:15.8?Arsenic:420?Barium:6.3?Cadmium:6.8?Chromium:8.4?Copper:9.3?Iron:46.5?Lead:18.7?Manganese:536.8?Nickel:12.7?Zinc:9.5 This is part of a Eugenics program. When members of the US senate call Patterson Air Force base to ask about chemtrails, the base commander tells them “it is none of your business” & hangs up!carnicominstitute. org

  9. frostek

    A? general point – idiots get laughed at too, so just because you were ignored, and are now being currently being laughed at adds no credence to your claims.


    Those in denial of something so obvious display the very human trait that allows governments to get too powerful. they don’t want to know, because they feel comfort in the idea of a government that has their best interest in mind, and the world has been depicted as too big and complicated for their understanding. These people? represent those who would have been weeded out by natural selection had our government not decided they needed a constituency of whiny neutered lemmings.

  11. batonpatriot

    YUP!…live here too and btw…UNDER CONTRACT to let them? douse us for THREE years!
    I wonder how much the EPA got paid for approval?

  12. batonpatriot

    @kyterek Please….educate yourself! This guy calls it ‘chaff’ while another may call it? ‘particulates’…or someone else ‘nanoparticles’. WISE UP! The weather man is right.

  13. ManicDeprescion

    Happy birthday chemtrail video. One year later and we’re? still getting hammered and still no one looks up. Sheep.

  14. thisvigilantguardian

    ktvl dot com, meteorologist Kevin Lollis. Now look at their logo, dipshit, and see the CBS “eye” next to News? 10.

  15. luckyhubbie

    Wow it took those airplains 6 hours to travel just a few 100 miles. Those are some slow planes.


    If this is CBS who is the weatherman and where are the call letters??


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